Common Bird (Empathic Bond)

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Common birds are to be found everywhere and include doves, pigeons, pheasants, bluejays and others.

Bonding Requirements

Probably none.

Imagined Bond Message

   You imagine forming an empathic bond with dove via spiritual germination.
   You imagine what it would be like to have a deep bond with the grey female bird, and you feel a distinct echo from within her.
   You experience feelings of jubilation, weightlessness, serendipity, and flock membership.
   You experience visions of treetops, mountain peaks, and endless skies.

Attribute Modifications

Grants its consort fair bonuses to agility and perception, a moderate bonus to ego, and a small bonus to intellect.

Traits Granted

Luck which increases with bond strength (30 at complete).

Combat Bonuses

Adds the following scaling bonuses to Dodge Rating:

2.5 * Flight Skill (added in addition to the dodge rating Flight skill gives while flying)
2.5 * Sky Fieldcraft Skill
2 * Imagination Skill
2 * Tenacity Skill
1.5 * Carousing Skill
1/10 * Vocalization Skill

Note 1: these bonuses apply even when not flying (i.e. running or swimming)
Note 2: the Flight charm provided by the bond boosts both Flight and Sky Fieldcraft when activated by a large amount if you already have wings
Note 3: the bond does not provide spec access to two of these skills, namely Imagination and Tenacity
Note 4: provides a Special Effects on Self bonus to Dodge Rating that seems to be based on Singing skill (+77 at 88 Singing)

Skill Effects

Skill Access Bonus
Dodge 16 37.5 + 5% base
Flight 16 37.5 + 5% base
Quickness 16 37.5 + 5% base
Singing 16 37.5 + 5% base
Wind Instruments 16 37.5 + 5% base
Sky Fieldcraft 16 37.5 + 5% base
Vocalization 15 37.5
Carousing 12 30
Combat Reflexes 12 30
Escape 11 27.5
Fast Talk 9 22.5
Haggling 8 20
Memory 8 20
Subordination 8 20
Carving 4 10
Lack of Weakness 4 10
Leadership 4 10


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