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This article is about the creature. For darada shi as empathic bonded familiars, see Darad Shi (Empathic Bond).

Rarity: Very Rare
Plural: Darada Shi
Anatomy: Hoofed Quadruped
Sexes: Male, Female
Harm Skills:
    Animal Lore  42%
    Anatomy      28%
    Legend Lore  19%
    Equestrian   11%

No specific help is available for this race.

Development Information: The darad shi race was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Tue Mar 15 02:22:15 2016.

  • Look:
    This creature has a massive, horse-like form covered in rough black fur with a blood-red mane
and tail, hooves of a dull metallic hue, and glimmering orange eyes.  The darada shi, or demon
horses, are dark creatures created at the behest of Ahrikol, serving his agents as vicious war
   She looks about twenty-eight dimins long, seven dimins wide, and fourteen dimins tall.
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