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You've been minding your own business and gotten cursed, or diseases, or all your limbs ripped off, or have to walk a really long way? Now you're doomed! Except you're not.

If you find yourself without an aedabot in your time of need, remember two things:

  1. Don't Panic
  2. There's probably an alternative. (though it's often Phyrra, the npc aedabot)

So. What did you need that you had to have an Aedabot do for you? (Or a POEE, or people with various psionic talents)


"I have to walk a long way."

  1. Boo hoo.
  2. Xailor's Speedwalks
  3. Keep some scrolls of return. Curan in Camille statically loads them, and they're great when you accidentally wander into the Aether or something.
  4. Other magic shops often stock scrolls of return. Notable scroll-stocking shops are the Temple Magick Shop in the Temple of Discordia and Dalemaar's Magick Shop in Sinbyen.
  5. Go make sure you have Semue Iera identified at some point, so you don't randomly get trapped on the Obsidia side.

"I'm Cursed"

  1. Phyrra at the Temple of Aeda is the easiest solution to this, via purchasing the aptly named "remove curse" from her list of services.
  2. Therin at an earthy temple in Vargan also provides a "remove curse" service, but since it's the old clerics version it probably needs you to give him a reagent on top of the fee.

"I'm Diseased, Diseeaaaassseeeeed!"

  1. Well, actually for this one you're kinda screwed since you're gonna infect everyone else, but..
  2. Phyrra again, this time via "cleansing purification".
  3. Therin again, this time via "cure disease" or "panacea", again with the need to bring the proper reagent.
  4. Aesvald at an earthy temple in Sloan works similarly to Therin.

"I'm missing limbs."

  1. It's just a flesh wound!
  2. Curan again, statically stocks scrolls of limb regeneration, though these have a higher probability of being in some random language you can't read consistently. Plus if you've got a teleport scroll handy you can pop right back and replace both.
  3. Other magic shops often stock scrolls of limb regeneration.
  4. Phyrra again, this time with "restore body", which is somewhat expensive but will probably restore more than one limb at a time.

"I'm totally bonkers insane."

  1. If they're temporary they probably won't last that long anyway.
  2. Therin can "cure temporary madness", and for some reason only temporary.
  3. Aesvald can "cure temporary madness", and for some reason only temporary.
  4. Phyrra can "treat mental illness" for temporary mentals, or "dispel mental afflications" for somewhat expensive permanent mentals removal that you'll probably need multiple times since she's bad at it. Just remember to wait a minute between purchases so that she doesn't take your money and then do nothing because of the cooldown.

"I wanna complete Aislynn's Door."

  1. Dip some specialty points to join Crafty Linguists
  2. Train all the languages up
  3. Drink a potion of linguistic cunning
  4. Bask in the sense of accomplishment.

"I need buffs!"

  1. Bloodbane's hoard static loads a potion of heroism.
  2. Liathyr has shops selling various potions of stat buffing, and growth.
  3. Ganesha also tends to give out buff potions as challenge rewards.
  4. Gems of fascination are fairly common.

"Actually, I just need healing."

  1. Oh, well uh, hmm.
  2. First aid is actually pretty good if you keep up on it between fights and aren't prevented by intangibility or berserk or something.
  3. Potions of healing are pretty good if you stock up beforehand.
  4. If you didn't stock up beforehand, the shops of Liathyr will be happy to supply those willing to visit.
  5. Ariende in Losthaven will happily bankrupt you for a little health restored at a time.
  6. Phyrra again, this time with the reasonably effective "lifebloom".
  7. Therin again, though the stronger meliorations are annoyingly expensive.
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