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Bond Requirements

(94, 61, 34 was enough)


Those who form an empathic bond with an owl receive bonuses to their Willpower, Ego and Perception.

Sahasrara Chakra

Owl familiars open and charge the Sahasrara chakra periodically.

Skill Effects

Skill Access Bonus
Awareness 16 75 + 10% base
Centering 16 75 + 10% base
Introspection 13 65
Wyrding 13 65
Discipline 12 60
Channeling 11 55
Aeroturgy 8 40
Air Affinity 8 40
Aquaturgy 8 40
Earth Affinity 8 40
Entropy Affinity 8 40
Extropy Affinity 8 40
Fire Affinity 8 40
Geoturgy 8 40
Pyraturgy 8 40
Thanaturgy 8 40
Viturgy 8 40
Water Affinity 8 40
Arcane Lore 7 35
Shield 7 35
Forestry 6 30
Combat Reflexes 4 20
Flight 4 20
Mountaineering 3 none
Sky Fieldcraft 2 none
Theology 2 none



At somewhat frail bond strength, owl consorts are granted the ability to conjure a corithil, a sphere of raw selero. Corithils may be used as melee weapons and are wielded alone to use. Their melee deal lunar damage and run off of your wyrding and shield skills for attack rating. However the main benefit of having a corithil is that they allow use of a discharge attack which must be manually activated by concentrating on directing a (slight/moderate/significant/tremendous/vast) amount of energy through it at a target. The level of energy that one is able to direct is dependent on bond strength and magickal skills, as are the attack rating and damage.

You grasp your sphere, holding it against the palm of your right hand by dipping your ring and middle fingers slightly
into its yielding surface, as though it were liquid, and keeping your thumb, index finger, and little finger curved
gently across it as though it were solid.
Your sphere sends an array of elemental sensations through your right hand and into the rest of your body: you feel
hot, then cold, then wet, then dry as the shifting impressions flow through your muscles and skin and make you
intimately aware of every part of your anatomy.
You feel as though a stray moonbeam has illuminated unknown corners in your mind, and it dances with the secret
knowledge of the night.

While wielded, the corithil will slowly replenish the energy type associated with the plane it is attuned to (or spirit if attuned to the moon).

Attuning a Corithil

Corithils may be attuned to the Elemental Planes and an adjacent Amalgamal Plane by visualizing a representation of those planes. Attuning the corithil to a given element provides a large bonus to its associated attribute, as well as enabling the discharge attack of that element. As the consort's power grows and they are able to draw in and channel more and more massive amounts of energy through their corithil, other phenomena have been known to curl off and manifest.

Illani and the Umbra (Int)

Visualize the Moon

  • Damages
    • Lunar
    • Shadow
Fire and Smoke (Per)

Visualize the Sun

  • Damages
    • Fire
    • Smoke
Earth and Crystal (Vit)

Visualize the Earth

  • Damages
    • Earth
    • Crystal
Air and Lightning (Agi)

Visualize the Sky

  • Damages
    • Air
    • Lightning
Water and Mist (Str)

Visualize the Sea

  • Damages
    • Water
    • Mist

Corithil Bonuses

Corithil bonuses unlock with bond strength, with most unlocking around or after resilient strength. Skill bonuses gradually rise as bond strength progresses to a maximum of 40.

Fire and Smoke
Earth and Crystal
Air and Lightning
Water and Mist
Illani and the Umbra

Other Notes

  • If attuned to the moon, the corithil will consume spirit when directing energy.
  • If you are outside at night and the moon is visible, all energies associated with the bond will regenerate.
You feel the light of the moon slip beneath your flesh and fill the well of your spirit, replenishing the earth, air, 
water, and fire within you.
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