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This is a finely-crafted leather belt.  A portion of the belt divides on the left side, creating a loop on which gear can be
attached.  The loop has two potassium clips on either side, meant for securing objects to it.  A small shimmering dweomer rune
resembling a stylized open tome glows on one of the clips.  This is a scribal belt, enchanted to directly bestow upon its
wearer enhancements in knowledge and abilities contained in books.  One can put a book on its gear loop and wear it to receive
these benefits.  You estimate its value at about five hundred twenty-five gold.

Scribal belts are magickally enchanted belts which bestow certain enhancements to skills depending on which book is attached to them at any one time. Different books will affect different skills, usually somewhat related to the content of said book.

OOC Note: To change books on your scribal belt, you will need to remove the book from the belt, reequip the belt, and then attach the new book to the belt.

Book Name Book Appearance Skills Buffed
Alice in Wonderland oaken-bound parchment book Chaos Affinity (41), Logic (4), Order Resistance (43), Philosophy (8), Storytelling (4)
Anna Karenina leather-bound paper book Storytelling (100)
Arcadia of my Youth ancient weathered white-leather-bound paper tome Elder Lore (27), Legend Lore (11), Qlippotic Lore (10), Sephirotic Lore (52)
Candide horn-bound paper book Philosophy (80), Storytelling (20)
De Arte Magica a black-leather-bound paper book Evocation (67), Legend Lore (33)
Don Quixote black-leather-bound vellum book Legend Lore (33), Philosophy (33), Storytelling (34)
Glorious History of Gurbodax red-leather-bound paper book Subordination (50), Scholarship (25), Psychology (10), Leadership (6), Philosophy (10)
Life Cycles and Distinguishing Features of the Oneirozoa dark-cyan-cardboard-bound paper folio Biology (10), Elder Lore (25), Imagination (5), Oneiroturgy (50), Philosophy (10)
Liber Exerceo Ultravisis red-runed-black-leather-bound parchment book  ??
Liber Os Portatus black-leather-bound vellum book Arcane Lore (11), Concentration (12), Divination (54), Legend Lore (12), Metaphysics (11)
Moby Dick white-skin-bound paper book Anatomy (6), Animal Lore (5), Diplomacy (5), Fishing (2), Intimidation (11), Leadership (22), Philosophy (17), Politics (6), Storytelling (11), Theology (5), Training (5)
Nihilgenesis black-leather-bound papyrus book Arcane Lore (2), Cosmology (8), Ektilaturgy (77), Garbology (1), History (2), Caladan (2), Metaphysics (4), Poetry (4)
On Empathic Bonds black-leather-bound papyrus book Animal Lore (22), Arcane Lore (44), Empathy (12), Enchantment (22)
On Liberty yellow-horn-bound paper book Logic (34), Philosophy (66)
On the Atmai gray-linen-bound parchment book Arcane Lore (50), Legend Lore (50)
Praxis Metaskopia gray-leather-bound papyrus book Arcane Lore (12), Concentration (7), Divination (50), Legend Lore (10), Metaphysics (11), Philosophy (10)
Principia Discordia looseleaf paper book Chaos Affinity (27), Erisian (27), Fast Talk (6), Metaphysics (1), Order Resistance (25), Philosophy (2), Psychology (3), Rhetoric (2), Storytelling (1), Symbology (6)
Spirits in the Muck green-leather-bound vellum book Elder Lore (20), Philosophy (80)
Supreme Commander thick black-leather-bound papyrus tome Critical Thinking (10), Elder Lore (23), Qlippotic Lore (9), Philosophy (4), Psychology (4), Strategy (45), Tactics (5)
The Aeneid leather-bound parchment book History (28), Legend Lore (58), Storytelling (14)
the Book of Scyros red-runed-black-leather-bound parchment book Arcane Lore (34), History (34), Invocation (16), Legend Lore (16)
Book of Scyros 2 black-leather-bound paper book Arcane Lore (33), History (33), Invocation (17), Legend Lore (17)
The Communist Manifesto horn-bound paper book Leadership (33), Politics (34), Rhetoric (33)
The Devil's Dictionary birch-bound paper book Chaos Affinity (), Order Resistance (), Philosophy (25)
The Golden Path leather-bound dull white papyrus book Graecan (14), History (28), Imagination (14), Poetry (15), Streetwise (29)
The History of the Vanishing Tower gold-edged leather-bound vellum book Cosmology (62), History (12), Spatiophrasty (26)
The Journal of Father Balaf Benedictus leatherbound leather-coated vellum manuscript Elder Lore (10), History (2), Legend Lore (10), Storytelling (6), Theology (10), Qlippotic Lore (62)
The Jungle Book hide-bound parchment book Animal Lore (29), Jungle Fieldcraft (42), Philosophy (15), Storytelling (14)
The Known History of Jhan black-leather-bound parchment book History (28), Legend Lore (58), Storytelling (14)
The Madness of Scyria dark-green-leather-bound papyrus book Arcane Lore (6), History (18), Legend Lore (5), Politics (18), Strategy (6), Tactics (5), Theology (30), Weapon Lore (12)
The Proverbs of Hell black-leather-bound papyrus book Philosophy (16), Poetry (3), Psychology (6), Qlippotic Lore (3), Qlippotic Resistance (33), Sephirotic Lore (3), Sephirotic Resistance (33), Theology (3)
The Rings of Power black-leather-bound parchment book History (39), Politics (15), Power Generation (29), Rune Lore (17)

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