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Silver Keep likely gets its name from the Mercury pools outside its gates, nestled in a cave on an island in the middle of the frozen sea of the Northlands it requires either flight or some very cold swimming to reach.

Image:Silver Keep.png

 Silver   7--X  7
  Keep       |  |
             |: |
             7: 7
              :         Key
       2     4: X        1  Mercury Moat
       |     |: |        2  Stables
 X--X--X--X--X↑-X--6     3  Barracks
 ↑  ↑  |     |           4  Tavern
 X  1  3     5           5  General Store
 ↑                       6  Arena
 X                       7  Bedrooms
 |                       8  Observatory
~E                       9  Throne Room



Silver Keep is located at ( 17, -10, 0) in the Northlands (Global: (17, 152, 0)).

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Notable Personalities

  • Dyanna the Countess of Blakistan
  • Otto the Earl of Bludovia

Notable Attractions

  • Silver Keep's Arena


  • City alignment:
  • Guards assist:
  • The General store appears to have simple selections, torches, oil, etc. However Silvery Kite Shields do appear there fairly regularly.
  • You can dip weapons in the moat after killing the mercuriad if you so desire, making them likely a bit heavier and fairly poisonous.
  • Not sure what the Mercuriad is besides essentially a Mercury Elemental, does not attack on sight.
    • Mercuriad:
This entity is an amorphous mass of flowing mercury that continually
undulates, extruding and retracting short-lived pseudopods and protrusions.  A
distorted reflection of its surroundings continually shifts on its surface.  
    It looks about twelve and a half dimins across and three and a tenth
dimins tall.  
    It is in good shape.
  • Statue:
This is an exquisitely-crafted silver statue of a large sleklith. 
However, this particular sleklith is depicted as having three tails, each with
a nasty set of spikes, and a long, pointy tentacle growing from each shoulder. 
The detail on the statue is magnificent, from the pair of silver sabers in his
hands down to the knapsack slung across his back.  You estimate that it is
worth something upward of three thousand five hundred gold.  
    It looks about twenty-two and a half dimins tall, six and a tenth dimins
wide, three and a tenth dimins long, and half a dimin thick.
End of spoiler information.


Silver Keep by Naice

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