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Starting out on Lost Souls:

The basic idea of what you want to do is get experience and gold coins. You do this by exploring, solving puzzles, killing monsters, and finding and selling treasures.

You can move around with normal 'e, w, n, s, u, d' types of commands. There are also longer commands, like 'get shield', 'wear shield', 'wield axe', and commands that are for specific places or objects like 'push button', 'open safe', 'eat cake' and so on.

To turn off the detailed descriptions of rooms shown as you move, type 'brief'. 'help switch depiction' has more on controlling the descriptions you see.

You can use the communication channels 'ooc <message>' and 'newbie <message>' to ask for help. Please let us know you're new and how to help you!

Don't just attack whatever you see. As a new player, you will have started in the main town area of the MUD, Losthaven. If you attack guards or upstanding citizens there, the guards will come kill you. You should wait until you're in a place with uncivilized monsters to fight before attacking.

Defending yourself is a lot easier with a weapon and some armour; you need to 'wield' your weapons and 'wear' your armour. If a monster doesn't attack you first, you can type something like 'kill orc' and you'll start fighting.

You don't need to fight anything to get started in the game and start advancing; because you get experience for exploring the world, all you need to do is leave your starting area (it's where your character is from, so it's already considered fully explored) and take a look around.

If you get hurt too badly, you will die. Try not to have this happen. Type 'help wimpy' to get an idea on how to avoid this, and 'help dying' for further details. Also, 'show character' will tell you how you're doing as far as health, intoxication, etc. 'show limbs' will give you how each part of your body is doing health-wise.

There should be a Neophyte Handbook in your inventory (type 'show inventory' or just 'i') when you start. Type 'info book' for information on how to use it. It will contain more detailed information about starting out on Lost Souls.

Type 'help' for a basic list of commands. Have fun!

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