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Lost Souls gives you lots of rope.
Lost Souls gives you lots of rope.

Death and Dying

  • When your character's head reaches zero hit points, or your chest reaches -25% of its hit points (it begins bleeding at zero), you die. At that point your spirit leaves your body as an insubstantial ghost. Your equipment will remain on your corpse until and unless you recover it.

  • Usually, your ghost will be pulled to a location where you can return to life; exactly where this is will depend on various things including your location, what deities you worship, and so on. Some effects can prevent this from taking place, however.

  • The most common way of returning to life is to pray at an altar to a deity, though methods can vary. Some characters may also be able to resurrect you. Ghosts are nearly invulnerable, are intangible and can fly, and thus your ghostly form can be used to explore the world.

  • Death is a traumatic event, and your character can be affected in various ways by it. Be prepared to potentially have to cope with some significant problems as a consequence of dying.

  • Your character begins with five lives, and loses one with each death. If you ever run out of lives completely, your character dies permanently. There are places in the game where you can buy more lives, such as the church altar in Losthaven.
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