Stride (Incarnos)

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Dis Strude. Dis me

Amberite of not inconsequential power.

Shameless full empathic bond, second guild, and 9 Chaos Favour lux benefices.

Amphiptere trainer first, Wanderer and Philosopher second, Sword Saint and Protector last.

Ex. Apagion, Fox, Oneirheton, and Sunfish consort.

Heron consort sword bird best bird.

Visited nearly every room in the mud.

Completed every quest.

Cursed by Ugior to roam the world as a Goblin. Mostly corrected thanks to Kurd.

Benefited greatly from the Deck of Changes.

Two guilded followers.

Responds to nod, understand/ruffle, meep/foof with enlightenment, advanced challenge, and regular challenge respectively.

lol epeen

Also some aliases

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