Heron (Empathic Bond)

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Vishuddha Chakra

The heron familiar grants and automatically charges the Vishuddha (blue) chakra, which provides a large bonus to Intellect, as well as numerous skill bonuses.

Attribute Modifications

The heron grants its consort a large bonus to Agility, as well as moderate bonuses to Strength, Intellect and Perception.

Skill Effects

Skill Access Bonus
Find Weakness 16 75 + 10% base
Lack of Weakness 16 75 + 10% base
Painting 16 75 + 10% base
Sword 16 75 + 10% base
Dancing 14 70
Philosophy 12 60
Physics 12 60
Shorelands Fieldcraft 12 60
Tactics 12 60
Divination 11 55
Metasenses 11 55
Introspection 10 50
Breath Control 8 40
Combat Reflexes 8 40
Massive Blow 8 40
Precision Strike 8 40
Steadiness 8 40
Weapon Lore 8 40
Meditation 7 35
Discipline 6 30
Balance 5 25
Dodge 4 20
Fishing 4 20
Metallurgy 4 20
Smithing 4 20
Flight 3 none
Load Bearing 3 none
Resilience 3 none
Sky Fieldcraft 3 none
Swimming 3 none
Sculpture 1 none


Special Combat Maneuvers

At "somewhat frail" bond strength, two new attack maneuvers are granted. "Sword Slap" and "Brush". These require that a medium-sized sword (e.g. a katana, or longsword) be wielded, and cannot be used with any other type of weapon, including larger or smaller swords. They can be executed via the 'perform' command or allowed to fire randomly.

These attacks also inherit the sword's damage type (if any).

   Perform Brush
   Usage: perform brush [at <target>]
   A sweeping sword attack inspired by the movements of the paintbrush.
   Perform Sword Slap
   Usage: perform sword slap [at <target>]
   Slap a foe with the flat of the blade of a sword, to cause pain and keep them off balance.

At "fairly healthy", a new attack maneuver "Cleave" is granted.

   Perform Cleave
   Usage: perform cleave [at <target>]
   Make a powerful strike at a target with a sword, with the intention not only of cutting but cutting through the target.

At "robust"

   Perform Long Thrust
   Usage: perform long thrust [at <target>]
   Quickly execute a thrust with extended reach, using a sword.

At "deep"

   Perform Sable Lash
   Usage: perform sable lash [at <target>]
   A blindingly fast sword attack that relies on speed and surprise to get past an opponents defenses.

At late "intimate" or early "nearly complete"

   Perform Master Stroke
   Usage: perform master stroke [at <target>]
   The perfect sword stroke, made gradually but with flawless timing, striking at the point of maximum vulnerability.

Traits granted

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