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UPDATE! I am a big idiot who forgot Willpower affects Xp gain so I need to do all this over hooray *dies*

Hello! I am shinichizio and I am doing a stupid by manually figuring out Assimilativity's effect on experience gain. I will be making a series of mostly-identical incarnoi; with 50 INT, 50 PER, Losthavener, and as much swimming as I can get but different assim. I shall then then expose them to an event with a more or less static experience gain, namely At'lordrith's riddles. The experience gain seems to decrase by one XP per level, so adjust acccordingly. I will record the results and list them here. This is probably a huge waste of time, so read on!

Race     Assimilativity: Experience gain (relevant stats)
Kobold     30: 453 XP (6th level)
Runtling   22: cbf to vivi into one
Goblin     15: 355 XP (5th level)
Human      10: 325 XP (5th level)
Gnome       8: 311 XP (Int 70, 5th level)
Llelimin    6: 286 XP (5th level)
Urln        2: 267 XP (5th level)
Domandan    0: 249 XP (5th level)
Duergar    -1: 247 XP (5th level)
Dracon     -2: 235 XP (5th level)
Lothar     -3: 227 XP (5th level)
Advenus    -4: 237 XP (5th level, not sure what happened here)
Imp        -5: 215 XP (5th level)
Zuth       -6: 209 XP (4th level)
Suzumei    -7: cbf to warp into one
Kedeth     -8: 206 XP (4th level)
Oni       -10: cbf to vivi into one
Shoggoth  -11: Lux
Fomor     -13: Legend
Tuatha    -13: Legend
Zenun     -14: Legend
Chaosborn -15: Legend
Dragon    -17: Lux
Jabberwock-17: What even is this
Mantid    -18: cbf to vivi into one
Amberite  -20: Legend
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