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Rarity: Exotic
Plural: Amberites
Anatomy: Anthropoid
Harm Skills:
    Anatomy       38%
    Empathy       26%
    Intimidation  26%
    Torture       10%

Far back in the mists of time, the universe was formless chaos, ruled solely by the beings called the Chaosborn. This ended when a rebel Chaos Lord named Dworkin Barimen created the Pattern, the source of order. A great deal of cosmological realignment occurred at this point: the Elemental planes, as well as the planes of Energy and Entropy, formed about the Pattern; the cosmic structure of the Pattern focussed through the raw stuff of the Elemental planes brought about the Prime plane where the ordinary peoples of Lost Souls reside; nearest the Pattern formed the True World -- Amber, the center of the universe.

The people who rule this place -- the descendants of Dworkin, carrying the image of the Pattern in their very blood -- are called Amberites, and their power is immense. They resemble humans in basic shape, but their strength of body and mind is beyond that of anything within the human sphere. Their lives stretch over countless millennia and their influence over countless peoples. Only Amberites are capable of walking the Pattern, a process which grants them even more formidable esoteric abilities. Initiates of the Pattern are called Princes of Amber, and they are an elite among the elite.

An Amberite who would aspire to Princehood must be of formidable skill and experience; for this reason these folk often explore the various worlds accessible to them, and sometimes one may even adventure upon the Prime plane amidst ordinary folk. Their exploits there often become the stuff of legend. Given that an Amberite is born no more frequently than once every few hundred years, though, their appearance is not a common thing.

Like all the elder races, however, the gaining of experience is a very slow process for the mighty and long-lived Amberites. Their native language is the One Tongue, Thari, though in their long lives they usually have the opportunity to learn many.

/------------------------ The Amberite Race ------------------------\
| Attributes             Strength              90 to 140            |
|                        Intellect             80 to 150            |
|                        Vitality             100 to 160            |
|                        Agility               90 to 130            |
|                        Willpower             90 to 150            |
|                        Ego                   90 to 150            |
|                        Perception            90 to 140            |
|                        Size                  65 to  80            |
| Typical Sexes                                Male                 |
|                                              Female               |
| Languages              Native                Thari                |
| Specialty Access       Order Affinity        available: degree X, |
|                                              required: degree I,  |
|                                              bonus: degree I      |
| Resistances            Temporal              near-total resistance|
| Traits                 Abstraction           Yes                  |
|                        Dreaming              Yes                  |
|                        Euphasia              Yes                  |
|                        Sentience             Anthropic            |
|                        Assimilativity        -20                  |
|                        Autodidaction         5                    |
|                        Regrowth              1                    |
|                        Night Vision          1                    |
|                        Order Favour          3                    |
|                        Somatic Adaptability  5                    |
| Cultures and           Freeholder            Freehold             |
| Homelands                                                         |
|                        Losthavener           Losthaven            |
|                        Lowlander             Halfmoon Bay         |
|                                              Sanctuary            |
|                        Talantonite           the Shadow Tower     |
|                        Trueborn              Amber                |
| Physical               Anatomy               Anthropoid           |
| Characteristics                                                   |
|                        Natural Weaponry      Excellent            |
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