Garrik's Assassins

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    You say, [: I seek employment as one of your assassins :]
    You are now a first-degree specialist in anatomy, awareness, escape, and subordination. [event logged]
    Garrik nods, offering an unreadable smirk.
    Garrik gives a large silvery pewter ring to you with its left claw.
    Garrik squeaks, <[[ Your first assignment is ready. ]]>


Requires a mix of Politics, Literacy, Stealth, Dethek, and Killer Instinct and Tenacity to join successfully.

    Garrik squeaks, <[[ Your grasp upon the Dethek language is too pathetic for me to consider your application at this time. ]]> at you.

Dethek was too low at 25, but high enough at 35.

    Garrik squeaks, <[[ I prefer that my agents have a modicum of knowledge regarding the workings government and authority.  Come back when you are better learned. ]]> at you.

Politics was too low at 0, but high enough at 9.

    Garrik squeaks, <[[ Your inexperience in the ways of subtlety is too great for me to ignore.  Improve yourself, then return. ]]> at you.

Stealth was too low at 28, but high enough at 30.

    Garrik squeaks, <[[ You seek blood money, but would likely hesistate to throw a single punch.  When such indecision has passed, you know where to find me. ]]> at you.

Killer Instinct was too low at 40, but high enough at 47.

The lowest joined with is Tenacity 10.

Skill specialties are required in Anatomy (INT), Awareness (PER), Escape (AGI), and Subordination (PER).


Specialty Access

1 point of access is provided for Dethek, Discipline, Memory, and Quickness.

2 points of access are provided for Acting, Archery, Balance, Break Fall, Breath Control, Calligraphy, Climbing, Combat Reflexes, Crossbow, Dagger, Diplomacy, Disguise, Dodge, Eavesdropping, Etiquette, Fast Talk, Instant Stand, Intelligence Analysis, Intimidation, Jumping, Law, Lip Reading, Lockpicking, Manipulation, Mimicry, Pain Tolerance, Picking Pockets, Poison Lore, Politics, Running, Swimming, Sword, Throwing, Torture, Traps, Tumbling, and Unarmed Combat.

4 points of access are provided for Anatomy, Awareness, Escape, and Subordination.

(This does not include possible hidden skill access.)

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