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*Worship of [[Isskarazh]] seems likely, given the component of zuth and srazh in the populace. *Worship of [[Isskarazh]] seems likely, given the component of zuth and srazh in the populace.
 +*There may also have been a cult to [[Selis]], since that faith exists in the current-day Istaxith culture.
=History= =History=

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The Istax Empire was one of the earliest documented empires to span significant portions of the Almerian continent, predating the Altrian Empire.



The primary races represented within the Empire were Sleklith, Zuth, S'tali, and Srazh. Garou were also subjugated and used as soldiers at some point in the Empire's wars with the Kingdom of Bubasti, but the relative position of garou or other races within the Empire's culture, if any, is not well-documented.

Zuth in particular are known to have constituted construction workers and heavy cavalry in the Empire, but whether those roles were assigned as the result of a racial caste system of some sort or were simply common professions for the race due to their physical characteristics is not documented.


Assarith was the primary, and probably official, language of the Empire. Xhax was also widespread. Hithal may have also been spoken, given the presence of Sleklith in the Empire, although this is not directly documented. The language and literature of the S'tali is entirely unknown, but is understood to have contributed the most towards Assarith.



  • Worship of Isskarazh seems likely, given the component of zuth and srazh in the populace.
  • There may also have been a cult to Selis, since that faith exists in the current-day Istaxith culture.


Long before the days of the Altrian Empire, the Sleklith, Zuth, Srazh, and S'tali races formed the Istax Empire. The Empire was based in, and came to dominate a significant portion of the continent of Almeria, although the exact extent of the Empire at any point in time is unknown.

At some point in the history of the Istax Empire, it made contact with the Kingdom of Bubasti, warred with the Bubastians, and eventually caused the downfall of the Kingdom when the founder of the Kingdom of Bubasti (whose name is unknown) died in battle against the Istax. It is known that the Istax used subjugated garou in their war with Bubasti in the later stages of their shared history.

It is also documented that the Empire existed for at least several centuries, but little else appears to be known regarding its history or timeline. If the creation of the Dragon-helm of Dor-lomon occurred during the Istax Empire, this places the fall of the Empire no earlier than c. 2000 years ago. Since the Altrian Empire lasted no more than 1500 years, and has been extinct for several centuries by the present day, this would seem to imply that the fall of the Istax Empire could not have occurred much later than 2000 years ago, as well.

The Istax Empire may have coexisted at some point with the Ancient Graecan civilization, but the height of that civilization may entirely predate the Istax Empire, given that the Rote of Theseus has existed for thousands of years by present day. It is likely that the Ancient Graecan civilization fell prior to the Empire's incursions onto the continent of Tenochlan, given the Graecans would have likely served as a buffer between the separate polities otherwise.

The Istax Empire fell some time prior to the establishment of the Altrian Empire, and the component races appear to have fractured into separate cultures. The Zuth and Srazh generally became more insular, while the Sleklith developed a raiding culture prior to reverting to tribal bands. The S'tali disappear from the historical records altogether and are apparently extinct in the present day.


  • The dagger Soulshard bears an Istax soul rune, although whether the dagger itself is from that time is disputed.
  • The staff Athlasar was wielded by the rulers of the Empire at some point.
  • The scarab Kamonthept-ka was worn by great warriors of the Istax Empire.
  • The Dragon-helm of Dor-lomon was created two millennia ago by S'tali sorcerers, but whether its history overlaps that of the Istax Empire is unknown.
  • Mnethilim Foul is said to bear the skull of a S'tali necromancer, but its links to the Istax Empire, if any, are otherwise undocumented.
  • Tamarack the Enchanter discovered the secret to creating Ioun Stones while digging through remains of the Istax Empire.
  • The Istaxith culture, with Shatterspire as its homeland, appears to be a remnant of the Empire. It is uncertain whether or not Shatterspire was built during the empire, or was only settled after the fall of the empire by Srazh remnants of the Empire.
  • The Zokandur culture was likely founded by Zuth remnants of the Empire.
  • The Sserakan culture is also most likely descended from the Sleklith remnants of the Empire.
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