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The Set Command

The set command is a general facility used for changing a broad variety of your character's settings.  The
specific syntax is determined by each individual setting, but a common form is 'set <setting> to <value>'. 
Help is available on each setting; type 'help set <setting>' for information.  The settings you can use are
listed below.
Lists of settings in particular groups are also available using the syntax 'help set <group>'.  You can refer
to a group by its full name or abbreviation; the groups are channel (chn), character (chr), combat (cmb),
communication (com), esoteric (eso), informational (inf), interface (int), knowledge (kno), miscellaneous
(mis), movement (mov), property (pro), rating (rtg), service (ser), skill (ski), and social (soc).  Further,
'help <group>' will retrieve a list of all settings, displays, and so on in the group.
       Character settings:
           attribute development focus to <attribute>
           description to <text>
           personal lore to <text>
       Combat settings:
           aim to <high|middle|low>
           attack preference for <attack> to <preference>
           attack scatter to <percent>
           chase mode <on|off>
           combat mode to <name>
           effort to <percent>
           extended fleeing <on|off>
           resolve to <percent>
           strike location to <limb>
       Communication settings:
           primary language to <language>
           quote style to <name>
           speech pattern to <name>
       Informational settings:
           blog address to <URL>
           caption to <pattern>
           session message to <text>
       Interface settings:
           alias <name> to <command>
           color style <name> to <color>
           depiction <name> to <on|off>
           filtering [of] <category> to <on|off|perc>
           incarnation commands to <commands>
           prompt to <text>
           shared alias <name> to <command>
           sharing filtering of <category> to <on|off>
           status bar to <format|on|off|autoload|scrolling|top|bottom|prompt|combat>
           term to <type>
           utf8 <on|off>
           vitals display <on|off>
       Miscellaneous settings:
           idle disincarnation <on|off>
       Movement settings:
           elude mode <on|off>
           safe movement mode <on|off>
           stealth mode <on|off>
           terrain following mode <on|off>
       Skill settings:
           autodidactic specialty in <skill> to <degree>
           specialty degree in <skill> to <degree>
       Social settings:
           nickname for <thing> to <name>
See Also: show, perform, start, stop, report, switch, clear
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