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* [[Hardiness]] degree I * [[Hardiness]] degree I
* [[Cold tolerance]] degree I * [[Cold tolerance]] degree I
-* [[Heat Tolerance]] degree I+* [[Heat tolerance]] degree I
Note that Xar will apparently not admit members with too low of a base willpower. Note that Xar will apparently not admit members with too low of a base willpower.

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Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

How to Join

 1.  Go to the Nexus
 2.  Find Goth
 3.  Learn Siglaryn well enough to speak a few words.
 4.  Find Xar
 5.  Say "I want to prove my worthiness."" in Siglaryn
 6.  He will give you a vial of ink and a bodkin.
 7.  Find the statue in the center of the Nexus courtyard.
 8.  Draw rune on statue
 9.  When you draw the rune on the statue you will end up in a room with a sartan.  I can't 
     remember his name at the moment.
 10. Attack him.  He deals mainly magickal damage that I know of.  So magickal resistance 
     helps a ton.
 11. When you defeat him he'll ask for mercy.  Attack him again.
 12. He'll say something about he see's where your heart lies or something and then dies.
 13. Touch sigal
 14. Find Xar
 15. Say "I will never forget what the sartans did." in Siglaryn
 16. If your specs meet all the requirements then you're in.  Either way you don't have to 
     fight the statue again if they don't. Just fix them and do Step 15 again.

Weapons of Vengeance

  The Weapons of Vengeance are mensches who have proven their worth to Lord Xar
  and so are privileged to serve him, being gifted with a Patryn name and a
  heart rune worked by Xar himself.  Weapons in good standing are permitted many
  privileges among the Patryns of the Nexus and, with proper service, a standing
  nearing that of true Patryns.  The purpose of a Weapon of Vengeance is, of
  course, to find and destroy the Sartan race and deliver the universe to Lord
  Xar's dominion.
  Weapons of Vengeance have a communication channel, accessed through the
  commands 'weapon' and 'assoc', and can also access the
  communication channel shared by all those with Patryn runes, 'sigla'.


I'm actually guessing here. I would have to make a new character to get the exact specializations. So if you know for sure what they are please update this


Note that Xar will apparently not admit members with too low of a base willpower.


Weapons of Vengeance get a ton of specialization access, but in a round about way. Some you get from just being in the association, the rest you have to train your Rune Lore up in order for the specialization access to open up. I'm going to split them into those two categories.

Assiocation Granted Specializations

Rune Lore Based Specializations

Custom Weapons

Being one of Lord Xar's Weapons of Vengeance also allows one to have a custom runic weapon. More information is located here.

End of spoiler information.
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