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Boglins are one of several races of goblinoids found in the land, and are perhaps the rarest and most reclusive of all. Boglins generally dwell underground in seclusion, preferring isolation to interaction with other races. They are small in stature and have long, willowy arms and legs. While they are built like other anthropoids, boglins tend to use all four of their limbs interchangeably. Boglins are the result of a sorcerous combination of goblin and slaan parents, retaining some qualities of each.

Like their goblin relatives, boglins live relatively short lives, often never leaving their caverns. Of those that do, these boglins seem to adapt rapidly to life on the surface, quickly gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to survive.

In appearance, their skin tends to be a muted color of gray or brown, and they have large, brightly colored eyes, which see perfectly well in the blackness of the underworld. Because of this, their vision suffers somewhat in bright light, which they avoid whenever possible. Boglins also have an affinity for water, breathing it as readily as they do air. As the underground lakes and grottos they call home are often somewhat acidic, their race has developed a slight resistance to acidity. They are also reputed to enjoy some measure of protection against the forces of chaos, presumably as a result of their slaan heritage.

Boglins speak the Bagarguh language, a form of Takargu.

/------------------------------ The Boglin Race ------------------------------\
| Attributes                 Strength                20 to  70                |
|                            Intelligence            30 to 100                |
|                            Constitution            25 to  70                |
|                            Dexterity               40 to 110                |
|                            Willpower               40 to 110                |
|                            Charisma                20 to  70                |
|                            Perception              30 to 100                |
|                            Size                    27 to  42                |
| Typical Sexes                                      Male                     |
|                                                    Female                   |
| Languages                  Native                  Bagarguh                 |
| Innate Skills              Acid Affinity           30                       |
|                            Jumping                 10                       |
|                            Swimming                10                       |
| Specialty Access           Acid Affinity           available: degree III,   |
|                                                    required: degree I       |
|                            Jumping and Swimming    available: degree I      |
| Resistances                Temporal                great vulnerability      |
| Traits                     Assimilativity          6                        |
|                            Diet                    Scavenger                |
|                            Luck                    -2                       |
|                            Chaos Favour            1                        |
|                            Night Vision            2                        |
|                            Respiration             Membrane                 |
|                            Sentience               Anthropic                |
|                            Somatic Adaptability    4                        |
|                            Speech Pattern          Amphibian                |
| Cultures and Homelands     Gobnog                  Darking Bog              |
| Physical Characteristics   Anatomy                 Anthropoid               |
|                            Natural Weaponry        Ordinary                 |
|                            Other                   Chimeric                 |
   You are a male boglin with tan skin and orange eyes.  You are about
fifteen and a half dimins tall, three and nineteen twentieths dimins wide, and
one dimin front to back.  You are in good shape.
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