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The Explorers are a loose band of like-minded individuals whose primary reason for association is to maintain the Explorer's Guide, a storehouse of information on all of Lost Souls.

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.


How to Join the Explorers

1. Go to Pryderi
2. Say "I wish to join the Explorers"
   2.1  Understands Anglic
   2.2  Intellect and Perception must be 70 or more.
   2.3  Literacy skill must be 40 or more.
   2.4  Awareness skill must be 40 or more.
   2.5  There may be more skill requirements.
3. If you meet the skill and specialization requirements you're in.

Specialization Details

Min Max Bon   Specialty
    +1        Animal lore
    +1        Arctic fieldcraft
    +1        Athleticism
    +2  +1    Awareness
    +1        Carousing
    +2  +1    Cartography
    +2  +1    Climbing
    +1        Cold tolerance
    +1        Desert fieldcraft
    +1        Firefighting
    +1        Foraging
    +1        Forestry
    +1        Hardiness
    +1        Heat tolerance
    +1        Hills fieldcraft
    +1        Insect lore
    +1        Jungle fieldcraft
1   +2        Literacy
    +1        Load bearing
    +1        Mountaineering
1   +5  +1    Orienteering
    +1        Plains fieldcraft
    +1        Plant lore
    +2  +1    Running
    +1        Shorelands fieldcraft
    +1        Spelunking
    +1        Swamp fieldcraft
    +2  +1    Swimming


  • Ability to write articles for the Explorer's Guide.

And you get a free Explorer's Guide.


Hawkmen are not allowed to join the Explorers.

   Pryderi says, \| As a Hawkman, you could not become a wanderer by joining the Explorers. |/ to you.


You can leave and come back to the Explorers.

End of spoiler information.
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