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Mundane Stones/Gems

Magic Rocks

  • For each of points do explain where to find, what they commonly get used for.
  • other types of mundane gems?

Enchanted Stones

(where to find, what they're for)

Ioun Stones

These. Also this and this


  • Preservation and Perpetuation have similar functionality, however gems of preservation will be destroyed by the restoration process, while gems of perpetuation will not.
  • A gem of perpetuation is rewarded for completing Feanor's Investigations. Gems of preservation are available at the losthaven pet supply store and other magic shops.


  • Attune to a companion by rubbing it and then immediately giving it to them. Gem attunement is permanent. The gem will glow (some colour other than red) when rubbed the first time, and the companion will glow within a few minutes of being handed the gem (may require astral perception to see, update this with an example at some point).
  • Retrieve the gem from your companion and retain it in your inventory, it is now a horcrux and more precious than your companion's physical form. Be wary of item-destroying effects.
  • While the gem is in your inventory and the attuned companion is in your environment, they will both periodically shimmer (30 minute intervals?).
Cgem shimmers for a long moment.
You feel cgem drawing spiritual energy from you.
Cooper is briefly surrounded by a corona of shimmering light.

This process saves your companion's exact state within the gem.

  • Rubbing an attuned gem while the companion is alive will cause it to glow red.
  • Rubbing an attuned gem after the untimely death of the companion will restore them to your environment exactly as they were per their last save.
  • Restored companions need to be re-kept, don't let them super double die!


Hold in your inventory, upon defeating powerful foes will grant a temporary buff to something or other.

You feel a sensation as of vistas of experience opening before you, and are filled with an ineffable lust for life.


keep in your inventory, absorbs some damage of a particular type. Breaks eventually also this thing


attune to a follower, then use it to summon them.


Tap to make significantly smaller for about 5 minutes. Useful to squeeze through small spaces such as sewer grates, and underground tunnels.

Can be bought in Leah's Hill at Lilly & Milly's shop.


no idea what or how these work. Tapping them might make invisible stuff visible?

Sphere Quest Gems

Dat Thrassos wants dem rawks.


elflord thing

Other Magical rocks of interest

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