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Alternately Known As: Hodge Affinity, Corruption of Chaos

Class: Affinity Skills
Attribute: Willpower
Pedagogy: Spirit Alteration
Practitioner Term: Chaos Affinite
Alternate Terms: Hodge Affinite, Degenerate of Chaos
Antagonistic To: Order Affinity
Hidden Skill
This skill represents the infusion of a spiritual power of chaos into your essence, reducing the harm caused by exposure to such
energies, even to the point where they become restorative.  However, the greater your affinity for chaos becomes, the more
vulnerable you become to energies of order.

Chaos affinity can be increased by exposure to chaos, as well as degraded by exposure to order, changing more quickly according to
one's chaos favour.  If one also has order affinity, these capabilities will slowly degrade each other over time.
See Also: chaos favour





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