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Familiar Description

This is a spherical region of iridescent ectoplasm that pulses in erratic, flowing patterns. You recognize this as an oneirheton, a sort of energy being composed out of dream-stuff and planar energies. Although not as resistant to mundane weapons as most energy beings, this is still quite hardy by the standards of most physical creatures. It sparkles with a miniscule faintly shimmering iridescent dweomer aura. It appears to be composed of a few thin wisps of pulsing chaotic glow and a webwork of sparkling light. It is giving off light. It looks about two fifths of a dimin across.


300 points amongst:

You also must be capable of dreaming, this means you possess the Dreaming trait. This precludes shoggoth and bezhuldaar consorts.

Skill Effects

Skill Access Bonus
Dream Affinity 16 75 + 10% base
Imagination 16 75 + 10% base
Introspection 16 75 + 10% base
Martial Arts 16 75 + 10% base
Metacreativity 16 75 + 10% base
Oneiroturgy 16 75 + 10% base
Somatesthesia 15 75
Quickness 14 70
Blindfighting 13 65
Awareness 12 60
Meditation 12 60
Musical Composition 12 60
Philosophy 12 60
Psychology 12 60
Wyrding 12 60
Lack of Weakness 11 55
Breath Control 10 50
Combat Reflexes 9 45
Discipline 8 40
Dodge 8 40
Legend Lore 8 40
Ownership 8 40
Lockpicking 7 35
Channeling 6 30
First Aid 6 30
Manipulation 6 30
Psychic Integrity 6 30
Metacathexis 5 25
Tactics 5 25
Centering 4 20
Empathy 4 20
Hardiness 4 20
Recuperation 4 20
Stamina 4 20



Shortly after:

At "somewhat frail":

Partway through "fairly healthy":

  • Channel (both to and from familiar)

Partway through "very healthy":

Partway through "robust":

At "resilient":

At "deep":

At "intimate":

Partway through "nearly complete":

Additional Bonuses and Powers

The use of the Lens of Dreams charm will enable the use of some attacks as your bond strengthens. If the charm is not active, the attacks will not be visible or usable. The accuracy of these attacks benefits highly from Perception and Intelligence.

Wrathful Visions
You close your eyes, and a corona of wrathful ectoplasm forms from the air around you around Imperious and zots him,
despite his attempt to dodge.
Metasynthetic Glare - Enabled in late Robust
You glare, and a flare of metasynthesis bursts from your eye across Urzyketh's head and torso,
dissociating them, despite his attempt to dodge.
Nightmare Spike - Enabled in late Resilient. This uses a very small amount of Oneiric energy per attack.
A swirling aura of nightmare springs up around you, and you concentrate for a moment, and a spike of dream-chiaroscuro
shoots from your aura into Imperious's chest, sucking the life from it, despite his attempt to dodge.
Annihilation Shockwave - Enabled in Intimate. This uses 5 Oneiric energy per attack.
You lock your hands together, then draw them apart, and a shockwave of surreal annihilation
bursts from your palms into the brown-scaled male kobold, eradicating him, despite his attempt to
Lacuna of Dream-Time - This isn't a named attack, but it is one of the abilities granted from having the Lens of Dreams
charm active and detailed in the Lens of Dreams charm itself.  Once your bond grows strong enough and you gain a large
well of Oneiric energy, you can speed up your movements while slowing your enemies. This uses 15 Oneiric energy
to activate. It increased my speed by 6.
 Focus my will on making dreams real
  You close your eyes.
  You bring your mind into contact with the world of dreams, drawing its essence into yourself.
  With a titanic effort of will, you open yourself to the dual worlds fully, creating a momentary lacuna of dream-time
around yourself.
  A dazzling explosion of color floods forth from you momentarily enveloping the area, enveloping you and a great gray
male wolf before fading away rapidly.
  You feel a sense of surety and swiftness surge into you, hastening your movements.
  You open your eye and see that your enemies have begun to move with dreamlike slowness.

Combat Bonuses

Oneirhetoi seem to give a rather hefty buff to dodge and deflection rating based on imagination and introspection skills while the familiar is present. These adds stay whether or not the Dreamsight charm is active, though it's worth noting that Dreamsight buffs both of these skills mildly.

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