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Hello, there.

This is an ongoing project started by Nero and Xathanon (by primary incarnos) to find the secret benisons for Aedarene. To... lift the veil of Aeda's secrets, so to speak.

Universal Notes:

Big One Notes

Here's the confirmed information on the big one:

1) It requires 195 skill in two int skills that are not normally used by Aedarene very much.

2) Both of these skills are taught by Sophratius.

3) It also requires a smattering of other skills that may require additional access from associations.

4) It requires a decent amount of Enchantment - not 195, so probably 145

5) Requires Philosophy to be at a high level

6) Metaphysics is also "kinda important" - Marcosy

 [OOC Marcosy] well i mean you need to think laterally about something 
 people would flip out about
 [OOC Marcosy] if character X could do Y for you in addition to being able 
 to blow shit up good
 [OOC Marcosy] like something you normally need to rely on an NPC for 
 that's a titanic pain in the ass
 [OOC Marcosy] it does include the word 'balance' in its name

 [OOC Marcosy] yes, just skills
 [OOC Marcosy] they are not, however, skills an Aedarene has access to by default
 [OOC Xathanon] are they willpower?
 [OOC Xathanon] I have a theory
 [OOC Marcosy] some of them
 [OOC Marcosy] nope, wait, i lied
 [OOC Marcosy] all of them are willpower
 [OOC Xathanon] beyond the int for metaphysics and philosophy and the ego for enchantment
 [OOC Xathanon] I have a theory and I hate it
 [OOC Xathanon] because testing it is...
 [OOC Xathanon] agony
 [OOC Marcosy] i'll listen to your theory, but won't confirm it
 [OOC Xathanon] I think the benison is basically "Blue: the benison"
 [OOC Xathanon] and potentially
 [OOC Xathanon] it may require eideturgy and chaoturgy
 [OOC Marcosy] *or
 [OOC Xathanon] wil skills that aedarene don't have access to
 [OOC Xathanon] or?
 [OOC Xathanon] huh
 [OOC Xathanon] and then there's going to be a 5th skill because you said it was 5 skills
 [OOC Marcosy] it's 3 skills plus any combination of 2 others
 [OOC Xathanon] a long time ago
 [OOC Xathanon] oh...
 [OOC Marcosy] depending on which path you want to acquire
 [OOC Xathanon] it will also require kalaturgy or cacoturgy
 [OOC Marcosy] it should be exceedingly trivial to figure out
 [OOC Xathanon] so Guardas really is close
 [OOC Vazbol] everyone prepare for blue to have the ability
 [OOC Xathanon] but cacoturgy and kalaturgy...
 [OOC Marcosy] if one were to try to master all 4 paths it would require maxing the 3 skills you know about plus an additional 8
 [OOC Marcosy] well, not maxing, but satisfying the requirements for
 [OOC Xathanon] how high do these skills need to be?
 [OOC Marcosy] they use the same numerical math as all other benison unlocks
 [OOC Marcosy] aka 35/75/145/195
 [OOC Marcosy] which one requires what is up to you
 [OOC Marcosy] i can tell you right now none of the above are 35
 [OOC Xathanon] yeah, haha
 [OOC Marcosy] but they're not that weird
 [OOC Marcosy] you can absolutely get them without lux
 [OOC Marcosy] but it is hard
 [OOC Xathanon] ...
 [OOC Xathanon] the turgy and the affinity
 [OOC Marcosy] like you may have to join a different guild to intro things
 [OOC Xathanon] that's only logical
 [OOC Xathanon] but how do you get eideturgy access?
 [OOC Marcosy] some affils grant it
 [OOC Marcosy] also it's called lexiturgy now
 [OOC Xathanon] you have to be an aedarene inducted!?

 [OOC Marcosy] i reduced the turgy requirements to 35, since turgies and affinities are both WIL now
 [OOC Xathanon] well
 [OOC Xathanon] here's a fun thing to think about
 [OOC Xathanon] remember back when discern secrets intro'd non-scholarly skills?
 [OOC Xathanon] I have chaoturgy
 [OOC Marcosy] ah, but do you have 145 chaos affinity
 [OOC Xathanon] not yet

So basically what's been extracted is: It has 4 "paths" Each path is based on an alignment affinity / turgy - cacoturgy and qlippotic affinity, lexiturgy and order affinity, kalaturgy and sephirotic affinity, and chaoturgy and chaos affinity. You need 35 in the turgy and 145 in the affinity for each "path" - a hefty cost of 12 wil specs to get all 4 paths. Ouch. Beyond that, it also requires 195 skill in both metaphysics and philosophy to acquire, and 145 skill in enchantment. The recommended method for acquiring this benison is to start in Aligned and use the form Nature's Joints to acquire all four alignment -turgies and train them to 35. Then leave Aligned to join the Gauric Legion, gaining the important metaphysics and philosophy access as well as scaling affinity access - a key component. This assoc is completely compatible with Aedarene. Join Aedarene and progress to Elder rank, whence you should gain the benison.

Due to the nature of these assocs, it is technically possible to have access to every benison at once by performing the above, then also joining lykouros and haruspices, and then reaching about level 300 for enough attribute development points. Good luck to anyone who wants to do that.

Epona Bond?

Mention of this in OOC.

Does not overlap with any of the above benisons - confirmed by Marco.

Does exist - confirmed by Benerius

Bayonet's testing: You feel the beginnings of an emotional resonance, but there is something peculiar about the spectral star-filled cerulean epona mare that seems to be making her unwilling to subordinate her desires to your own. You sense that the spectral pegasus mare ignores you, wistfully wishing that you were more sensitive and understanding. (When trying to bond another Aeda's Pegasus) I have tried bonding the epona with 100% Lunar Guardian, didn't matter. I just tried with 208 Leadership and still received the same message..

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