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Spider Monkey


Spider monkeys are diminutive, tailed anthropoids. Their hands are adapted to function as manipulators, and they have prehensile tails. Spider monkeys can wield weapons in each hand and in their tail. Spider monkeys can be found in the region of Quetlatl and in the Arnedio Shrine.


   You imagine forming an empathic bond with monkey via spiritual germination.
   You imagine what it would be like to have a deep bond with the black monkey, and you feel a distinct echo from within it.
   You experience feelings of articulation, curiosity, adroitness, and comprehension.
   You experience visions of hands grasping, feet gripping, tails curling, arms bending, and legs pushing.

Attribute modifications

Boosts to Intellect, Agility and Perception(?)

Specialty bonuses

Tier 1

These bonuses are granted immediately upon bonding:

Tier 2

These bonuses are granted while still in very frail:

Tier 3

These bonuses are granted about 25% of the way through fairly healthy:

Tier 4

Tier 5

Tier 6

Tier 7

Tier 8

These are granted midway through intimate:

Tier 9

Tier 10

Tier 11

Combat bonuses

Spider monkey consorts receive 100% attack bonuses from Instant Stand when in the presence of their familiar. You must be 'standing' (e.g. not flying or swimming) to receive the instant stand bonuses. They also get a 100% bonus to dodge and deflection based on their Instant Stand and Balance skill.


Combat maneuvers

The spider monkey consort gains unarmed combat maneuvers which are unique to this bond.

All of these maneuvers heavily scale attack rating off of Agility and Martial Arts while damage rating scales heavily off of Perception and Precision Strike.

  • At Somewhat frail:
   Perform Sure Hand

   Empathic Bonds Maneuver
   Usage: perform sure hand [at <target>]
   Activity Cost For You: 13

   Chop at an opponent with one's hand. Fast, accurate, deals crushing damage. 
  • At Fairly healthy:
   Perform Swift Foot

   Empathic Bonds Maneuver
   Usage: perform swift foot [at <target>]
   Activity Cost For You: 15
   Kick quickly at one's opponent.
  • At Very healthy:
   Perform Firm Knee

   Empathic Bonds Maneuver
   Usage: perform firm knee [at <target>]
   Activity Cost For You: 14

   Knee an oppnent.
  • At Robust:
   Perform Solid Elbow

   Empathic Bonds Maneuver
   Usage: perform solid elbow [at <target>]
   Activity Cost For You: 14

   Elbow an opponent.
  • At Resilient:
   Perform Spry Tail

   Empathic Bonds Maneuver
   Usage: perform spry tail [at <target>]
   Activity Cost For You: 26

   Lashes at an opponent with the stinger on one's tail with the intention to cut painfully.


Halfway through fairly healthy, you get some tail from your monkey. If you already have a tail, you do NOT appear to grow another.

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