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Hey. I'm Arafelis, a Developer.

I go away and come back. None of my characters have been especially famous. At some point I'd like to take a break from coding and play with all the awesome new content other developers have put in, but that's going to wait for a little while.

I have more ideas than will ever be seen in the game. Some of them are awesome; some of them are simply directions I would like the game to head in. Some of them are trite or humorous.

There's also the matter of what I want to do versus what I could do that would most benefit the MUD. Right now our new player retention rate is terrible. We need a better new incarnos experience, which may or may not include newbie-oriented areas but certainly does include an improved tutorial system.

And we do need more areas. Lysator has already started this process, but the world of Gaia is far tinier than it ought to be. We need, especially, regions targeted to Heroes; big monsters that aren't quite gods.

I do have a large area planned, and a few smaller ones sketched, like a Yeti homeland. But, like many developers, I want to add affiliations, races, and skills to the game; I have several I think would be cool. My current project (8/11/08) is a Sentinels rewrite to make them far more awesome (not that that's necessarily much of a challenge...). And I have a terrible habit of diving very deeply into the mathematical functions of the game, like how armor is calculated, to attempt to improve or adjust them.

If you want to get my attention, send me a tell, or email at I usually read most in-game channels and occasionally read message spheres and submitted ideas, but direct contact's a far surer way. I'll also try to remember to read my discussion page and respond there if you'd like a more public forum.

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