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Incarnoi and Autonomoi all carry knowledge within them.

They can have knowledge of places, people, objects, maneuvers, materials, exploration, tasks, symbols and many other topics. This knowledge can either be known intrinsically by having sufficiently high Skills, or it can be knowledge gleaned from trainers, or by magickal means which has been memorized.

Often, having knowledge of an object makes it appear differently in the game, many magickal objects cannot be used effectively without first obtaining knowledge of their use.

Obtaining Knowledge of topics

help knowledge

Knowledge displays and reports:

  • report arbitrage opportunities
  • report companion limit
  • report familiar [<category>]
  • report global exploration [of <follower>]
  • report intrinsically known [<category>]
  • report local exploration [of <follower>]
  • report memorization limit
  • report memorized [<category>]
  • show arbitrage opportunities
  • show companion limit
  • show exploration points [of <follower>]
  • show familiar [<category>]
  • show global exploration [of <follower>]
  • show intrinsically known [<category>]
  • show local exploration [of <follower>]
  • show memorization limit
  • show memorized [<category>]
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