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Trait Category: Genetic

Trait Type: Rating
Overall Possible Natural Values: 0 to 20
Organisms with the trait of regrowth are capable of budding new limbs and organs to replace lost ones.  The higher the level of the
trait, the less time it will take the body to replace the lost member, beyond the effect of the body's general regenerative capacity.
Development Information: The regrowth trait was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Mon Oct 07 16:11:24 2013.
See Also: limbs

  • Notes

To regrow a limb, first the limb must go from 0% to 100% health at the "amputated" level. Then a new limb will bud. This section is controlled by the limb regenerativity trait

This new limb will start at -99% heath, making it "disabled" and very close to "amputated". This must then heal to 100%, usually by regeneration.

Limbs connected to other limbs will start to regrow as soon as the limb they rely on is at least "disabled".

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