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Fix this stuff.


  • adjust the gladiator's skill abilities so that their threat level matches their xp value
  • set the great wolves to be aggressive
  • harnesses for the wolves


  • adjust wimpy and fleeing of gladiators
  • finish gladiator tunnels

Schola Fervitus

  • adjust the stock in the book store
    • flamra countertops
  • finish the incendiary rod, activation
  • link rooms to new building in Drachensburg


  • plains snake has typo in description
  • add keep cost to trolls in Tusker Den
  • fix Mettik's reference to 'the jungle south of Jhan'


  • better descriptions for cliffsides
  • set up project entrances as overlays




  • Temple of Gaia - Moved it from the series of twelve rooms that was called "The forest of Devonshire" into the actual forested region of Avalon, and updated the code slightly in the process.

Current Projects

  • Avalon - Updating the main map with newer features as they become available, such as day/night variations, aerial depictions, distant objects, and fleshing out placemarkers.
    • Devonshire - 40% Set back due to my new capacity to add in association codes and realistically interactive NPC that can generate side quests and story arcs..
    • Twilight Tower - Remaking the old Twilight Tower from the Twilight Gap section of Devonshire, for the Pzyruxial Sphere quest. 7%
    • Camelot - Massive conversion into an actual castle/city with better defenses and more realistic design. 4%
  • Gardagh
    • Mordekar - Medium village within Gardagh 65% Oct09
    • Fliu Gulch - Tiny village within Gardagh 75% Oct09
  • Wiki update - area development walkthrough
  • Esartur – 8 more regions
  • Akalahai – 21 region island of desert conditions
  • Nihon – 3 region mapping of oriental flair

Future Projects

World View

This is my view of a more perfect LS.

  • Huge player base, so that when one person goes emodramatic, it doesn't wipe out 1/4 of the player base.
  • 80+ guilds, each with an average player load of 3 players at any given time.
  • Immense world, with Aedaris fully developed, a traversible space region, multiple elemental planes, and several alternate planes (the Exoma, Barsaive, Amber, Courts of Chaos, etc).
  • Multipath guilds, so that even with 10 players online in a guild, no two have a similar build.
  • Active wiki and blogs, enough that if you miss a week, you have a lot of catching up to do.
  • More graphics on the wiki - Maps, illustrations, character sketches, something better than a cheesy photoshopped image with a witty text at the bottom.
  • Interactive newbie initiation which gives a new player an introductory quests that introduces them to many of the facets of the game, such as an initial scuffle (to teach them fleeing, setting combat mode, various combat skills, brief combat), followed by healing (to introduce healers, clerics, and alternative means of healing), a mini quest to the sewers (intro to diseases, disease curing, light sources, and searching), something to do with communication (ooc -, tell, shout, channels), and something to do with navigating the main map (terrains, orienteering, compass/sextant, climbing, and crystal cubes).
  • Fully interactive cities with multiple mini-quests, functional politics/economy/infrastructure, and a viable reason for existence (something more than 'We need a gnome area')
  • Interactive trade system with a functional world economy
  • Vehicles set up to facilitate easier travel between cities
  • Alternative advancement systems other than xp grinding
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