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You have a variety of interesting and useful powers at your disposal as a Discordian. However, not all of these powers are available to all Discordians; you may have to wait for the more powerful ones. Which powers you can use is determined by your experience level, willpower, charisma, and Inana. Note: this is no longer entirely true: see Liberty below. They are:

Help is available on each of them. You also have access to a pair of comm channels; the first is the Discordian Society channel, usable by POEE and LDD members (commands 'discordian' and '/'), the second is the private POEE channel (commands 'poee' and 'guild').

For a more robust list of what powers are accessible to you, check 'show powers known'.

Like all Discordians, you can offer sacrifices to Eris at any time with the syntax 'offer <item> to Eris'.

Chaos Energy

  • POEE now use Chaos energy for most of their powers. Chaos energy accumulates slowly over time naturally as part of your ability to recognize and internalize the True Chaos inherent in reality around you. Most abilities (channel chaos, rift, unname, and aura) now cost Chaos energy, while some (sublimate, aura maintenance, and illuminate) continue to only cost spiritual energy. Conjure uses both.


  • POEE now get fancy messages when they gain and lose powers as a result of character progression, and gaining powers and channel components is now significantly more organic with a broad-ranging metric known as 'liberty', which can be accessed via the command 'show liberty'. Inana still matter just as much as before; one must now meet both the inana requirements and the liberty requirements to learn an ability.
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