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  • There are many rings in the world of Lost Souls, this article documents the effects of the magical variety, not those simply used for personal adornment.
  • Rings can be equipped on a hand, claw, or tentacle. Only one can be equipped per limb regardless of length, quantity, or quality of fingers.
  • Like most armour, rings come in different sizes and will not always fit, they can be resized in the usual ways.
  • Some rare magickal rings are enchanted to resize to fit the holder simply by being in their inventory. Such rings are exactly the same in every other respect but are much prized by players.

Non Random Rings


  • Grant the trait of wingless flight when worn.
  • Drains a significant amount of spirit while worn. Will not deactivate when spirit is fully drained.
  • Can usually be purchased from Celebrimbor of Valathyr, who is incidentally extremely good at resizing rings.

Water Breathing

  • Sets respiration to Aqualung. Allowing the wearer to stay underwater indefinitely.


  • I'm not even sure.


  • Makes the wearer unscryable. Maybe other stuff?
  • Nikita will not attempt to assassinate you while wearing one.

Spirit Storing

  • Store SP and make it available for retrieval at-will.
  • 6 charge levels: 0-5. The ring will display the level via its setting - the colors are (blank, blank, red, orange, yellow, glowing white).
  • Stored SP is 50 per charge level and ring, 250/ring max.
  • Wearing more than one ring is simply adds up their charge capacity.
  • Store command attempts to charge all worn rings by one level; retrieval will pull from all worn rings until full.

Traitor's Rings

  • Rare randomload rings sought out by Tukrr and his Inducted.
  • They grant experience and probably significance if given to Ahrikol by a Ringwielder.
  • No other purpose known


  • Allows actuation of a dream weapon.
  • Proof of dream mastery for She-Who-Rises.
  • Obtained by aiding a dreamwalker in completing their life's purpose.

Dream Essence

  • Grants wingless flight at significantly less spirit cost than a ring of fight.
  • Part of the convoluted join process for the Inducted
  • Buffs certain dream-related skills.
  • Other uses unknown.
  • Very rare randomload.

Rings of Power

  • Badge of office of Ahrikol's servants. These rings provide power far in excess of other magickal rings.

Unique Rings

  • Artifact rings which exist in the world are documented in the artifacts page.

Generated Magickal Rings

  • These rings can increase or decrease a huge variety of things. They are nearly as likely to provide a penalty as they are to provide a bonus.
  • They can come in different magnitudes, with more powerful rings granting larger bonuses/penalties, but incur greater cost.
    • The values found in magickal rings in ascending order are: minor, lesser, major, greater, and great.
  • They do not confer their full benefits immediately, instead they have a ramp-up time wherein they drain much more energy as they build up their bonus, after which they incur a much smaller maintenance cost.
  • Negative rings are often cursed, making them difficult to remove.
  • These rings are often powered by Magickal energy, with a built in conversion from Spirit, the effeciency of which is determined by the wearer's Thaumaturgy and Magick Affinity. If the wearer has a Magickal energy pool, that energy will be used to power the ring instead.
  • Rings affiliated with particular elements can be powered by energy of that type much more efficiently than with spirit.
  • Each of these rings will have only one effect when worn.
This ring, a white gold band with an orange auroral setting, is finely-crafted and elegant in appearance, creating an impressive personal adornment.  You
recognize it as an enchanted Great Ring of Air Infusion, bearing a working that will increase the wearer's abilities as an air affinite vastly while it
remains in effect.  It has a webwork of auroric radiance within and around it.  You estimate that it is worth something upward of eight thousand five
hundred gold.  
Worn, it drains 14.4 elemental air energy (with conversion from amalgamal thunder energy, amalgamal smoke energy, amalgamal mist energy, amalgamal
lightning energy, magickal energy, goetic energy, amalgamal void energy, amalgamal cold energy, amalgamal light energy, amalgamal darkness energy,
amalgamal shadow energy, or spiritual energy possible) every minute while building its effects to their full level, and 4.8 elemental air energy
(with previously noted conversions possible) every minute to maintain that level of effect.

Types of possible rings:


These rings grant bonuses to attributes.


These rings protect from the specified element by creating a shield of the opposing element around the wearer. Do to the nature of these rings it's difficult to determine how much defense is being provided (maybe someone can do experiments with Padekki).


These rings grant bonuses to the specified skill. The class of skill affected will determine the name of the ring.

  • language rings: comprehension/incomprehension
  • affinity rings: infusion/??
  • lore rings: knowledge/lack of knowledge


These rings modify the wearer's diet. With greater ring magnitudes more effectively overwriting stricter diets.


Increases speed.


Increases size, when you grow, your equipment will be removed. Hopefully the ring itself wont.

Somatic Adaptability

Genetic Integrity

Grants 2 points of genetic integrity per level of magnitude.

Natural Confidence

Grants 2 points of natural confidence per level of magnitude.








Grants 1 point of algopoeia per level of magnitude.

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