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Bonding Requirements

Some amount of both discipline and empathy seems to be required.

I needed about 120 skill points in Empathy, while needing about 80 in Discipline. Empathy is the main concern. - Cinna, 3:28 PM PST, 12-24-12

Seems somewhat less than that. Was able to bond with 105 empathy and 75 discipline.

Bonded one with 72 discipline and 76 empathy.

Failure Message

You sense a lack of regard from the white-feathered female swan, and dimly feel that she
considers you to be insufficiently serious about kindness.

Known Abilities

Attribute Modifications

Those who form an empathic bond with swans receive bonuses to their Intellect, Agility, Ego and Perception.

Specialty Bonuses


Light Affinity






Sky Fieldcraft







Precision Strike


Combat Reflexes




Intelligence Analysis



Legend Lore


Dirty Fighting






Killer Instinct


At "Somewhat Frail"

  • Channel spiritual energy into the familiar from oneself
  • Channel spiritual energy out of the familiar to oneself
  • Lightveil, enchant ordinary arrows with radiant energy
  • Convert spiritual energy into amalgamal light energy

At "Fairly Healthy"

  • Cloudweave, the ability to enchant a staff (or similar object) with the power of the clouds, enabling its holder to fly.

At "Robust"

  • Lightgarb, the ability to encase one's body in a protective sheath of light. The light will attempt to absorb damage by drawing on one's radiant energy.
  • The ability to recall your conjured followers to your side. To do this, concentrate on recalling the desired follower or followers.
  • Summon a minor light amalgamal

At "Resilient"

  • The ability to become one with your familiar.
  • Rarify

At "Deep"

  • Excite a light elemental to attack faster for a brief period of time before burning out and exploding in a burst of light, potentially harming/healing everyone in the area.

At "Very Deep"

  • Visual Displacement the ability to make it appear as though one is standing several dimins from one's actual location. (Illusion, probably Agility, and one other skill)

At "Intimate"

  • Summon a major light amalgamal, a much more powerful version of the light spirit

At "Complete"

Additional Abilities

Swan familiars open and charge the Anahata chakra and Muladhara chakra periodically and provide several special sword attacks which utilize radiant energy, and one which is usable without swords.

Being in sunlight grants you light energy:

You feel the sunlight's kiss caress your flesh and fill the well of your spirit, replenishing the light energy within you.

Attack                     Activity Cost

Crescent                   8 (Based on your sword speed)
Lux Veritas                14    
Solar Coil                 12 (Also based on your sword speed)
Stellar Twist              12 (Again, based on sword speed)

The Crescent attack (at somewhat frail) is a photonic-based attack that adds 1/2 Lumiturgy & Wyrding to attacks and 1/2 Light Affinity & Wyrding to damage. It also requires a normal-sized sword to use.

Lux Veritas (at robust) channels the light of truth through your sword strike. This attack cannot miss. Adds 1/2 of Light Affinity, Lumiturgy, & Wyrding to damage. (Seems to have a combined ray of intense light and a shaft of true sunlight.)

Stellar Twist and Solar Coil (at nearly complete) use Light affinity, Lumiturgy, Wyrding and more. Stellar Twist may only be used at night and Solar Coil during the day.

Traits Granted

Grants Ambidexterity.

Around 1/3 way in resilient bond, diet changes to photovore.

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