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Tough to really decide what goes here.

I'm thinking something along the lines of: the fact that your move verb changes based on your traits/limb layout, and how the different movement types affect the endurance and activity cost of moving from room to room (and thereby the number of rooms moved per heartbeat).

fly: if wingless flight or 2+ wings

walk/run or canter/trot: for bipeds or quadrupeds with fully functional walky walk limbs

hop: For those with less than the correct number of walky walk limbs (do kentaur walk or trot while missing 1/2 legs? or limp? hop? I dunno)

slither: tail but no legs/feet (Is there a flag that makes a tail slitherable? would a zuth slither if you amped all 4 legs/feet?)

roll: I probably just made this up, I like to imagine Bez do this if they have a flight proscription challenge though.

flop: For those who's body layout either has none of the above, or who are missing many limbs.

Generally you'll prefer to do them in that order (I think) and don't have any control over it.

How rooms and exits are defined, that word (which I've forgotten) for the difficulty of passing from one room to another is.

how Climbing, Swimming, Running, Flight etc. get applied based on the terrain, how the exit is defined, and your preferred form of locomotion I guess.

Breath Control affects endurance or whatever

Geometry of exits, notable examples of such (basically just being too big for LH sewer, or Loch nether thingies) affected by skills like Escape Artist Tissue Softening, also Encumbrance. relevance of Intangibility, and Amorphism and how they can allow you to bypass blah blah blah

of course these also matter. Flight, Wingless Flight

also don't forget that falling is a type of movement as well. Breaking Falls seems relevant for when you stop. Shatterspire, Loch Nether, Leah's Hill great examples of places to get acquainted with gravity. the Exoma is basically the only place you're likely to find non-downward gravity. probably link to Safe Movement.

see also: Terrain Following

summary: Just get flight. duh.

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