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Atman created Monday, December 3rd, 21:33:48, 2012


About Me

Hey there, I'm Tanya. I'm new to Lost Souls and I'm slowly getting the hang of things. I'm a role-player, and my life revolves around literature, so just know that it's my character you're interacting with and speaking to, not me. The exception is if I'm needing help but I'm asking in-game instead of the channels - you should easily recognize if I'm speaking out of character. I don't have much on my current character, but as I flesh her out I'll put some info on her here.

Primary Incarnos


Female Dana, Losthavener, a former member of The Pantarchic Church of Yehovah, currently a swan-bonded White Maiden, a member of the LDD, a Warden, and a faithful follower of Eris


  • Stubborn
  • Sarcastic
  • Strong-willed
  • Loyal
  • Compassionate
  • Highly intelligent
  • Resilient
  • Blunt


Not much has happened in Cinna's life as of yet - she's trained her skills in the use of swords, as well as learning how to better dodge and block enemy attacks. The most important change so far is her having befriended the male human Zak. Though at first Cinna cared little for the mind-invading man who seemed to stalk her wherever she went, over time she grew to care for him, and after much sarcasm and joking of a sexual nature, the young Dana has come to realize how much she cares for her friend. Even so, Cinna is unsure of Zak's feelings, and is hesitant to bring up the matter. Despite the fact that Zak has pulled the once-innocent Dana into mild drug-use, specifically marijuana, she can almost always be found at his side, unwavering in her friendship and loyalty.

Another important event was Cinna's choice to leave the church - as well as her faith. The decision was made once the Dana realized that Yehovah would not allow her to join Coven, the guild that she has yet to join. Instead, Cinna is currently in the process of changing her ways of life so that she may worship the goddess of chaos, Eris.

Updated December 12th, 2012


It seemed to begin – and end – with a single white rose; as soon as Cinna awoke that day, or so it appeared to her, Zak was at her side, a white rose held his right hand. She could just perceive the slight tremble of his hand as his arm had extended, offering to her the pristine flower. Unable to speak, her pale, slender hand brushed against his as she took the rose, and she blushed gently, inhaling its sweet scent. Little in the way of conversation passed between the two as they made their way to LostHaven – Cinna enjoyed the serenity of the near-silent morn, and to break the silence was to break the moment. Yet even despite her innate love for the forest, its rich colors and earthy smells, she knew that the city could offer her more, and eventually the hustle and bustle was upon them.

On a normal day, Cinna would have travelled with Zak, training her skills and preparing herself to join Coven, but having suffered repeated trauma from a few orcs, she had felt it better to rest instead. Still, having a battle-hungry guy for a best friend meant little in the way of relaxation, and eventually the pair was off again. At least Cinna had been able to distract him by admitting she’d never been into a bar – just one of many firsts she’d yet to rectify. It goes without saying that the trip didn’t go very well; firstly, the young Dana led Zak in a circle trying to find the tavern – she knew it was in the city, she just didn’t know where – and when Zak finally got the two of them to the bar, Cinna decided that it wasn’t the place for her. Luckily she was able to suppress what she’d seen – and smelled.

As she had backed away from the tavern, holding her breath, Cinna had taken Zak’s hand and pulled him along, breathing only when she’d reached Main Street. Ignoring his questions of where they were going, Cinna stopped inside the Grinning Cat, the restaurant managed by the ever-flirtatious Jen. Like always, she ignored the waitress’s transparent coyness and bought a few bottles of expensive wine – tasteful drinking, beer was for the poor. Intending to finally smoke the joint she’d been saving – a guilty pleasure introduced, of course, by Zak – she bought some desserts as well. After making their way back to the contristy of the church, a ‘safe zone’ to Cinna, as well as the permanent residence (or so it seems) of her new friend Xaolyn, they broke out the wine.

Eating, drinking, and in Cinna’s case, smoking their way through mostly everything (Xaolyn couldn’t eat and didn’t drink the wine; the faerie was able to magick itself, its fish familiar, as well as anybody in the room, into a state of total drunkenness. Which would later come to aggravate Cinna.), Zak and Cinna eventually left again, heading back to the forest that the Dana loved, residing just west of the river. Even as they flirted, Cinna grew weary under such a heavy influence of alcohol, and after a time they went to the Temple of Discordia in the hopes that the local alchemist could provide them with potions that would sober them up. However, she was soon penniless and in no condition to go to the bank; it was back to her favorite spot once again, Zak following close behind, like always.

As she sobered up, Cinna began to feel nervous once again, as she so often did with her human friend – despite his gift, how could she be certain that he truly returned her feelings? Her pale white skin had flushed lightly in the semi-darkness, the canopy of trees above the two blocking most of the silvery moonlight, though she thought that with Zak’s lack of night vision, he might not have seen. Cinna shifted closer to Zak and as glad to find that he didn’t move away. For fear that her face would betray her, she glanced away as she picked up her rose; she lifted it to her face, inhaling its scent once again, before she turned to face Zak again. “I don’t think I thanked you for the rose yet…” Cinna had murmured softly, steeling her courage. Smiling slightly, her heart racing as her pulse thrummed a wild beating in her pointed ears, she leaned in and gently kiss Zak. It was their first kiss, but to Cinna, it felt right, as if her body already knew that it was completed.

To the young Dana, it seemed as if the first kiss had been the deciding factor, both to Zak and herself; he proposed later that night, and she had readily agreed. The wedding reception was small, and unfortunately it was marred slightly by the addictive – and rather fatal – properties of mélange. Not wanting to lose her husband so soon, Cinna left with Zak to go to Halfmoon Bay, where a drug dealer provided him with vials of the substance. Wanting to be prepared in case he ran out, Cinna bought some sticks of mélange. After the unexpected trip, the Dana settled resolutely in Cimbra’s forest, determined to have some sort of normalcy with Zak.

Though the newlywed couple talked and relaxed together, occasionally getting involved in other activities, they didn’t go far. Cinna had been swayed into the guilty pleasures of acid and marijuana, even getting wasted, but she was still innocent in once way, and it turned out that Zak was, too. Within her best friend and husband, Cinna found the half of herself that had been missing for so long, and even knowing that the human lifespan is almost insignificant when compared to the danaan, she feels no fear or sorrow yet; her fate holds several paths, and she most certainly knows which ones she can take in order to be equal with Zak.

Added December 14th, 2012 - A short story, written by me, based off Cinna's marriage to Zak.

Other Incarnoi

Zirolyr kail Saestral

Hermaphrodite Phaethon, a Faedraki, an upcoming member of the OIA

Created Tue Dec 25 13:40:25 2012


I've come up with some ideas as I've played, and as I come up with more, I will update this.


  • Adding the ability to teleport to any neophyte who logs in at will.
    • The neophyte would have, hopefully (depending on which Wardens are online), immediate access to any help they would need.
    • The Warden would not have to rush in order to get to the neophyte, a simple command would take them to the side of the neophyte.
      • Much less time passes where the neophyte is on their own, it could potentially keep more of them playing.
      • Perhaps after the neophyte logs off, the Warden could then teleport back to where they were before?
        • If it's a hassle to get to the neophyte, it's a hassle to get back to what you were doing before.

  • Automatic trusting of Wardens?

Player-written books

  • Adding the ability to write a book.
    • Potential required skills could be: Literacy, Logic, Poetry, Prose, Language Skills depending on what language you want to write it in, Concentration, Calligraphy, Rhetoric, Storytelling, and probably others.
    • Required items?: Vellum or paper, ink wells, quills.
      • Perhaps even a new item could be created?: Blank/Unwritten Book
        • A quill and ink would still be needed to write in the book.
    • Experience and/or knowledge could be gained by writing books.
    • Players pay in order to have copies of the book(s) made?

Other Player-creatable Literature

  • Custom Magick scrolls?
  • Letters/notes
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