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Hank's Garbage Thondur is DEAD! R.I.P.

It isn't here anymore. Don't bother looking for it in-game.

Hank's Garbage Thondurs are no more as of Change 7632


-- Hank's Garbage Thondur Help --

You are a Garbage Thond (whatever race you think you were, it is garbage thondur now) and as such your job is to pick up the realm's litter and garbage and make Hank happy by turning in tokens. Beyond that objective Hank has little interest in your goings-on and only expects you to be the best at your job. As part of this job you have been given a portable litter disposal unit designed to hold and compact the litter you pick up.

Hank isn't too worried about relying on your assistance as a Garbage Thond, he has done this job for years, so leaving isn't a problem. You can so at any time, and even return to help out again if you wish. However, leaving does sever any connection you have with your disposal unit and your rewards and tokens will be removed.

For more information on your role as a Garbage Thond, the help files below are available.

disposal unit - buttons - tokens - litter - rewards As a Garbage Thond, you have access to the channel 'garbagethond' or 'gt' for short. You also gain the quote style Garbage Thond.


Tokens are what adventurers turn into Hank as proof of the amount of litter they have removed from the realms of Lost Souls in their roles as a Garbage Thondur. No one knows what Hank does with these tokens, but they seem to be quite important to him. Each token is stamped with a number to determine the value of the litter is composed of. The token's value in turn determines what rewards you receive while in Hank's crew. There are two ways for a Garbage Thond to check how many they've turned in. Ask Hank or you can check the display screen on your unit to get a general idea of the number of tokens it has generated.

Commands to use the display screen:

tap the screen of unit

look at screen on unit

Although the reason for the tokens is a secret known only to Hank, he has provided his Garbage Thondur some incentives to making as many as they can. Hank has a knack for finding some interesting things in the trashcans he visits. Some of them he happens to find just as he is given tokens of a certain value. He has been known to find things like belts and anklets and armbands that have some rather interesting properties. Using the ingenuity of the gnomish inventor, Padekki, Hank can charge these oddities with certain esoteric energies, granting the wearer some rather amazing advantages. Of course, it takes quite a few tokens to get the full benefits of them, so get out there and pick up some litter!

Tokens in your unit are all cleared on a crash or server reset if you didn't disincarnate before either, so don't delay your visit to Hank if you have a sizeable amount of tokens and/or make a trigger that logs you out after the server reboot announcement ("Somewhere in the stygian depths of the earth, a seal is broken. Tremors echo through the foundation of the world as the blind prophet awakens, sensing doom in the chill air.").

Token Value

You can inspect the value of a token by reading it; the writing is in Dethek, so you'll need some measure of the appropriate skill. The token rewards are:

  • 1 through 649
    • You receive gold equal to the token's value
  • 650 through 1000
    • You receive gold equal to the token's value
    • You receive an item. Past items:
      • 697: Catelius scanner, Luc appraised at $29
      • 840: Bright blue minor potion of determination, Luc appraised at $145
      • 999: Sandy brown wool hush shemagh, Luc appraised at $515
  • 1000 and up
    • Unknown

In addition, the following may correspond to the value of the token produced:

  • The number of objects crushed to make the token
    • Not directly, at least - 20 in the unit plus 66 added made it emit a token worth 648.
  • The sum of some "garbosity" metric of the objects crushed to make the token
  • The sound (low hum, loud whine, squealing wine, loud hum, other?) made by the unit as it makes the token
    • Low hum: 518, 543, 648

Please help by expanding the above listing, and noting the sounds produced by your unit for each token.


Your portable litter disposal unit is capable of many things. Not only is it a great receptacle for litter you find in your adventures, but it can also provide you with certain other advantages. Such advantages come in the form of buttons. Buttons will reveal themselves once you have proved yourself to be a capable garbologist.

Each button has it own help file defined by color or name from the list below.

Buttons Available : compact garbage | automated collection | garbage retrieval | garbage analysis | garbage ejection

The syntax to press a button follows standard selection rules. See 'help specifying targets' for some rules to the syntax needed.

A few examples are:

press my unit's yellow button

press the first button of my unit

press the black plastic button of my unit

When you have sufficient knowledge of garbology and ooze affinity, your unit will register this achievement and reveal buttons that you are capable of activating. But garbology is sometimes not the only requirement. Tokens you turn into Hank are also registered with your unit and tracked by it as well. See 'help disposal unit' and 'help tokens' for more information. As you accumulate more tokens, you will receive rewards for certain milestones, as well as possibly unlocking new buttons on your unit.

Garbage Thondur Relic

Confirmed Relic Types: Legband, Spur, Phylactery

After a sufficient amount of tokens, Hank will generously reward you with a very special accessory that has some unique benefits. As your understanding of garbology grows, so too will the benefits of this object. As your affinity with Ooze increases it will grant more esoteric benefits. This will not be the only reward for cleaning up the realms, however, you will receive monetary rewards as well. And occasionally Hank will find something vaguely interesting that he'll give to you when he sees you've turned in enough tokens to merit such treasure.

This is an armband made of pewter. The quality of its craftsmanship is good. It appears to be quite aged, with hairline fractures running deeply through it. From these miniscule cracks, a shimmering green substance oozes outward, evaporating into the air. Somehow you know these fractures are not random, but spell out words in some unknown language which translate as enhancing your abilities in lack of weakness, dodge, massive blow, combat reflexes, killer instinct, unarmed combat, and precision strike when worn. It is somewhat nicked. It is intermediate in size, and looks just about right to fit you. It appears to you as if it was crafted for a garou. It looks about a fifth of a dimin across and one and a fifth dimins around. It weighs about nineteen twentieths of a dekan. You appraise it at twenty-four gold. You are wearing it.

For every 100 tokens you turn in it'll add another skill to it. The amount each skill is increased is determined by your garbology skill.

Boggotin: The skills formula is not quite this simple. I'll try to periodically come in here and add my current stats.

  • Ooze Affinity: 119 - Garbology: 164 - Tokens: 424 - Skills Enhanced: 7 - Amount Enhanced: 39 = 4.2 Garbology per point
  • Ooze Affinity: 120 - Garbology: 192 - Tokens: 762 - Skills Enhanced: 10 - Amount Enhanced: 45 = 4.3 Garbology per point
  • Ooze Affinity: 120 - Garbology: 207 - Tokens: 916 - Skills Enhanced: 12 - Amount Enhanced: 49 = 4.2 Garbology per point
  • Ooze Affinity: 218 - Garbology: 239 - Tokens: 1729 - Skills Enhanced: 18 - Amount Enhanced: 56 = 4.3 Garbology per point
  • Ooze Affinity: 234 - Garbology: 241 - Tokens: 2000 - Skills Enhanced: 18 - Amount Enhanced: 56 = 4.2 Garbology per point
  • Ooze Affinity: 226 - Garbology: 197 - Tokens: 3060 - Skills Enhanced: 30 - Amount Enhanced: 46 = 4.3 Garbology per point
  • Ooze Affinity: 250 - Garbology: 405 - Tokens: 9087 - Skills Enhanced: 73 - Amount Enhanced: 70 = 5.5 Garbology per point
  • Ooze Affinity: 309 - Garbology: 408 - Tokens: 15261 - Skills Enhanced: 74 - Amount Enhanced: 70 = 5.8 Garbology per point

At some point something happened, not sure if some code was fixed or what, but I had plateau'd at 18 for a very long time then suddenly one day when I checked I had 30 skills, even though I had move some points out of ooze affinity and garbology when I joined Aristeia. I will continue to add to the list, but some of those above lines might be incorrect due to a fixed bug.

I plateau'd again, not sure when, but I'm about 78 skills behind where I would be if there was no cap. Also, I put up Ooze affinity a little after I capped and I gained 1 more skill. Additionally, it seems the adjustments are calculated based on your base skill, not modified skill. I've shown modified skill in this table, but I only recently determined it is base skill that matters. Someone can feel free to redo lines of the table as they skill up with unmodified values.

Fitz notes: For a skill to be enhanced by the relic, it has to be over 40 while unmodified. Dropping under this value takes it off your relic.

Specialty Details

Min  Max  Bon  Specialties
  2  +10    0  Garbology
  1  +10    0  Ooze Affinity
  0   +4    0  Load Bearing
  0   +2    0  Carousing
  0   +2    0  Dethek
  0   +1    0  Arcane Lore
  0   +1    0  Armour Lore
  0   +1    0  Athleticism
  0   +1    0  Legend Lore
  0   +1    0  Weapon Lore

Thank Xekrin for all his work on this association

End of spoiler information.
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