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You have chosen to become nya Nglethk N'keh Fl'hlgath, a member of the collective of infinite growth.

Many shoggothim find themselves attracted to such an affiliation after becoming devotees of the philosophies of Lyglgth, though this is hardly a requirement. Indeed, the only driving tenent that Nglethk N'keh Fl'Hlgath possesses at all is the encouragement to explore those ideas and inspirations unique to oneself as a shoggoth -- a concept known as one's yrnhhngr, or 'personal vision'.

While this inspiration can take many forms, it is most often realized as a sort of free-form, individual self-expression. Some shoggothim craft artworks or debate philosophy, while others take complex and highly idiosyncratic forms and still others pursue various types of performative experiences, usually involving the harvesting or consumption of other life forms. Shoggothim being the highly individualized and complex creatures that they are, one nya'kh yrnhhngr often seems incomprehensible to others.

As one's understanding of one's yrnhhngr increases, so does one's ability to learn other skills related to one's yrnhhngr. In other words, as one increases one's progress towards realizing one's yrnhhngr, an ability of personal autodidaction will become increasingly manifest.

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

The real entrance is at 17, -13, -1, then ei.



Go to 8, 8, -3 Tetlacana (the southeast corner of the bottom of the lagoon) and follow the course of the river until you can go upwards, which should take you to Lyglgth's cave, where you can say "I wish to consume insight." in Ngaathgl. This does not always work as he does not always have the strunthlg that enable verbal reception or production, in which case one may have to wait for him to form them at random.

  • You will need an amount of literacy skill to join, no more than ~70.


None, so far.

Increasing yrnhhngr

The following are actions which are believed to increase one's yrnhhngr (this is not a complete list)

  • gaining experience points
  • receiving skill training
  • participating in combat (dealing and/or receiving damage)
  • killing creatures
  • ng'flgath and ng'uvgulth any strunthlg
  • eating food or corpses


The progression vectors are laid out pretty overtly in the helpfile, just do shoggoth stuff but also the other sorts of progress common to character development. So far it seems you just get autodidaction, but seeing as this is a guild, there is perhaps a lot of robustness hiding, shoggothim tend to be a slow burn, after all.


Skill                      Max
Acid Affinity           10
Acid Resistance         10
Aging Retardation       10
Aging Reversal          10
Air Affinity            10
Air Resistance          10
Alchemy                 10
Alkali Affinity         10
Alkali Resistance       10
Anatomy                 10
Animal Lore             10
Antagonism              10
Arcane Lore             10
Archery                 10
Ash Affinity            10
Ash Resistance          10
Awareness               10
Balance                 10
Biology                 10
Blindfighting           10
Break Fall              10
Calligraphy             10
Chaos Affinity          10
Chaos Resistance        10
Chromatostasis          5
Cold Affinity           10
Cold Resistance         10
Cold Tolerance          10
Combat Reflexes         10
Concentration           10
Crossbow                10
Crushing Resistance     10
Crystal Affinity        10
Crystal Resistance      10
Cutting Resistance      10
Dancing                 10
Darkness Affinity       10
Darkness Resistance     10
Demolition              10
Dentistry               10
Diplomacy               10
Discipline              10
Disease Affinity        10
Dodge                   10
Drawing                 10
Earth Affinity          10
Earth Resistance        10
Empathy                 10
Entropy Affinity        10
Entropy Resistance      10
Equilibrium             10
Eructation              10
Eskara Affinity         10
Eskara Resistance       10
Extropy Affinity        10
Extropy Resistance      10
Find Weakness           10
Fire Affinity           10
Fire Resistance         10
Flight                  10
Force Resistance        10
Gem Lore                10
Goetia Resistance       10
Goetic Investiture      10
Heat Affinity           10
Heat Resistance         10
Heat Tolerance          10
Ice Affinity            10
Ice Resistance          10
Insect Lore             10
Intimidation            10
Introspection           10
Killer Instinct         10
Lack of Weakness        10
Law                     10
Leadership              10
Legend Lore             10
Light Affinity          10
Light Resistance        10
Lightning Affinity      10
Lightning Resistance    10
Linguistics             10
Literacy                10
Load Bearing            10
Magick Affinity         10
Magick Resistance       10
Magma Affinity          10
Magma Resistance        10
Manipulation            10
Massive Blow            10
Massive Exertion        10
Mathematics             10
Metal Affinity          10
Metal Resistance        10
Metamorphosis           30 (from race)
Metaphysics             10
Metapsychology          10
Mist Affinity           10
Mist Resistance         10
Mud Affinity            10
Mud Resistance          10
Ngaathgl                3
Ooze Affinity           10
Ooze Resistance         10
Order Affinity          10
Order Resistance        10
Pain Tolerance          10
Painting                10
Philosophy              10
Physics                 10
Piercing Resistance     10
Plant Lore              10
Poetry                  10
Poison Affinity         10
Poison Lore             10
Poison Resistance       10
Politics                10
Practice                10
Prose                   10
Psychic Integrity       10
Psychology              10
Qlippotic Affinity      11
Qlippotic Resistance    10
Recuperation            10
Regeneration            10
Resilience              10
Rhetoric                10
Robustness              10
Scholarship             10
Sculpture               10
Sephirotic Resistance   10
Shadow Affinity         10
Shadow Resistance       10
Sling                   10
Smoke Affinity          10
Smoke Resistance        10
Somatesthesia           15 (5 from race)
Spirit Affinity         10
Spirit Resistance       10
Stamina                 10
Steadiness              10
Stone Affinity          10
Stone Resistance        10
Tactics                 10
Tenacity                10
Theology                10
Throwing                10
Thunder Affinity        10
Thunder Resistance      10
Tracking                10
Unarmed Combat          10
Vocalization            10
Void Affinity           10
Void Resistance         10
Water Affinity          10
Water Resistance        10
Wrestling               10
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