Eishund (Empathic Bond)

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Bonding Requirements

Judging from the bond test/failure info, probably some combination of ice affinity, cold tolerance, arctic fieldcraft, killer instinct, tenacity, intimidation, and/or tactics. UPDATE: Managed to get it with just cold tolerance and arctic fieldcraft, pretty high though, other skills probably help. UPDATED UPDATE!: It appears that 88 cold tolerance and 93 arctic fieldcraft, is the requirement for having a eishund bonded. Note that the more difficult part of bonding an eishund is extracting it from the Exoma without becoming separated, as the animal is quite heavy and not easily picked up; and it will not follow the consort through Exoma exits. Also, since it requires air to breathe, it will flee from the current Exoma room if no air is present, which is frequently the case.

Known Abilities

The eishund is a powerful extraplanar canine animal native to the elemental plane of Ice; it can also be found in the Exoma. It is a large, powerful physical combatant with its teeth and the cryomer spikes mounted on its forelegs. The leg spikes do ice damage masked as piercing. It has a carnivorous diet and can see in the dark. It requires air to breathe and cannot fly.

Contact Damage

You pet Griff with your right claw.
You feel yourself slowing down from the effects of ice.
Your right claw is chilled somewhat by contact with Griff's white fur,
though you resist the attack slightly.

This effect is applied in combat when opponents hit the eishund, and will damage the limb used to perform the attack.

Attribute Modifications

The eishund familiar grants its consort a large bonus to Vitality (100% of bond strength) and a large bonus to Perception.

Combat Bonuses

The eishund's consort gains a bonus to attack and damage ratings based on Tactics and Courage skills; and a bonus to defense ratings (dodge and deflection) based on Lack of Weakness skill. Also, the Intellect statistic is a much larger factor in all types of combat ratings. Your familiar must be present in your current environment to receive these bonuses.

Skill Effects

Skill Access Bonus
Arctic Fieldcraft 16 75 + 10% base
Ice Affinity 16 75 + 10% base
Cold Tolerance 15 75
Hardiness 15 75
Tenacity 14 70
Courage 12 60
Killer Instinct 12 60
Combat Reflexes 11 55
Stamina 11 55
Tactics 11 55
Intimidation 10 50
Recuperation 10 50
Find Weakness 9 45
Lack of Weakness 9 45
Legend Lore 9 45
Pain Tolerance 9 45
Spirit Lore 9 45
Tracking 9 45
Bludgeon 8 40
Elude Pursuit 8 40
Exoma Fieldcraft 8 40
Hammer 8 40
Leadership 8 40
Somatesthesia 8 40
Subordination 8 40
Massive Blow 7 35
Massive Exertion 7 35
Mountaineering 7 35
Quickness 7 35
Resilience 7 35
Steadiness 7 35
Awareness 6 30
Breath Control 6 30
Dodge 6 30
Stealth 6 30
Blindfighting 5 25
Centering 5 25
Channeling 5 25
Discipline 5 25
Glaciaturgy 4 20
Meditation 4 20
Norska 4 20
Regeneration 4 20


Initially the eishund grants the following charms:

Shortly after:

Late 'Very Frail':

At 'Somewhat Frail':

Late in 'fairly healthy':

  • Rime, the ability to surround yourself with an icy shroud.

At 'deep':

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