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                  __..--"".          .""--..__
            _..-``       ][\        /[]       ``-.._       
        _.-`           __/\ \      / /\__           `-._   
     .-`     __..---```    \ \    / /    ```---..__     `-.
   .`  _.--``               \ \  / /               ``--._  `.
  / .-`                      \ \/ /                      `-. \
 /.`                          \/ /                          `.\
|`                            / /\                            `|


The Reapers Overview

The primary purpose of a Reaper is to bring death upon the living, especially to those who most attempt to preserve it. In this regard, master Kragath requires that all of his servants continuously exercise their powers against the forces of good in the land. In exchange for loyal service and worship, Kragath grants myriad abilities to his chosen warlords.

Reapers may worship other deities, however, being a sadistically evil outlaw who is fanatically devotional towards the god of senseless slaughter may exclude quite a few choices.

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.



Attribute Requirements:

  • 80 Willpower
  • 65 Intellect
			bonus	min..max	attribute
Discipline			1..15		Willpower
Entropy Affinity		1..15		Willpower
Invocation			1..30		Ego
Killer Instinct			2..30		Perception
Mortuary			1..15		Intellect
Thanaturgy			2..30		Intellect
Pain Tolerance			1..15		Willpower
Pole Arm			2..30		Agility
Qlippotic Affinity		2..31		Willpower

For a total specialty requirement of: 5 willpower, 3 intellect, 2 agility, 2 perception, and 1 ego.


A reaper may not specialize in scholarship or haggling. (You will waste a corpse if have any points in either of these skills; you need to remove all points yourself first. May have something to do with having too high skill level in it, too, since e.g. dodge specialization was automatically reduced during joining process.)

 The priest of Jinx says, $As a Reaper, you could not become a seeker of gold by joining the Jinxian Plutocracy.$ to you.
 Janid intones, [- As a Reaper, you could not become a scholar by joining the Crafty Linguists. -] to you.
 Xar states, "As a Reaper, you could not become a soldier by joining the Weapons of Vengeance, reaper." in Siglaryn.
 Clyde says, -+<< As a Reaper, you could not become a protector by joining the Wandslingers. >>+- to you.


To become a Reaper, you must meet all above requirements, then bring a corpse to Kragath and sacrifice it on the altar in Lord Kragath' Sanctum. (Kragathkul is at roughly 6, 24, 2 in Quetatl; Global: (168, -220, 2)) There are two altars inside, you sacrifice remains at the Sanctum of Kragath to join. The other is for already initiated reapers.

sacrifice remains
You place a still-warm frog corpse on the altar.
The still-warm frog corpse melts into a flowing river of blood.
A black glow rises from the carving of Kragath on the western wall and swirls around you.
You are now a first-degree specialist in discipline, entropy affinity, invocation, mortuary and   
pain tolerance.
You are now a second-degree specialist in killer instinct, thanaturgy, pole arm and qlippotic affinity.
Kragath has accepted you as one of his Reapers.
A hissing voice resounds within your mind, -=<Name> has become one of mine Reapers.=-
As a token of the contract between you and Lord Kragath, you are given a scythe to serve as a tool
in your work as a Reaper.


Sacrificing and Elan

Elan is a measure of the amount of total power that Lord Kragath allows his Reapers. The higher one's Elan, the more a Reaper can use hir dark powers. To acquire Elan, Reapers can sacrifice remains at a Consecrated altar in order to be flooded with unholy power. The mortuary skill affects how much Elan sacrifices are worth, and Thanaturgy determines the maximum Elan a Reaper can have and the level of Elan which the Reaper's total Elan always gravitates to. Fully dissecting remains and sacrificing the body parts will earn a Reaper more Elan than sacrificing whole corpses. Sacrificing remains also fills the sacrificing reaper with Kragath' power, which will do Qlippotic damage to body parts. It is suggested that starting Reapers sacrifice small bits of corpses at a time to avoid being blasted into oblivion by the backlash, though this is not a problem once the Reaper has enough qlippotic/entropy affinity or is under the effect of the 'Envelop' ability.

[- The Reapers -- Elan Ability -]-

Those with as strong a bond to Lord Kragath as his Reapers connect to him on a very deep level. The measure of this bond is 'elan', divine favor. The amount of elan possessed by a Reaper is what provides the raw power required to activate the powers granted by the Reaper. The maximum amount of elan that can be possessed by a Reaper at any one time is determined by his level, skill in invocation and necromancy, and the unholiness in the area - places already nearer to the evil Kragath represents can be more easily inundated with his power, and as such, the Reaper has more power there, and even gains more by carrying items of an unholy nature.

Elan is spent in many invocations of Kragath' power, and is primarily gained through sacrifice. Note that each Reaper produces a certain natural amount of elan - the Reaper's elan level always approaches this, as the excess will flow off into the surrounding environment, or the warrior's raw, natural unholiness generates elan up to this amount.

The command 'elan' will display your current amount of elan and whether this amount is rising, falling, or steady.

Black Skulls

Found around the world are Black Skulls, artifacts which can be sacrificed to Kragath by a Reaper to grant them new powers and specialty access. They load randomly so you may have to do some asking around in order to get one, find them in the world, exert your powers on another person in possession of one and steal it from them. In order to use them, place the black skull on your altar to Kragath, then invoke the reaper (i.e., "place skull on altar" then "invoke Kragath"). With sufficient Thanaturgy, Invocation, and Elan, you will be successful.


Each Reaper is granted an 'entropy scythe' when joining Lord Kragath' ranks. The scythe seems to take on the colour of the Reaper's highest affinity beyond a certain point, and when no dominant affinity is present, it is simply black. The Reaper's Scythe is always the largest it can be to be held two-handed by the reaper- thus a pixie reaper would get a hook, a skaven reaper would get a sickle, a human reaper would get a normal scythe, and a fomori reaper would get a giant scythe. Entropy scythes do eskaric and slashing damage, which has the tendency to both slow and poison living creatures, and with the last Black Skull upgrade, it does a bit of Primal damage, too. Example of a giant no-affinite scythe:

   This unholy black bone giant scythe is a weapon consisting of a long, slender ebon shaft
with two handles jutting at right angles from it on opposite sides and a bone white wickedly
curved blade projecting from the end.  You are holding it.  
   It is in perfect condition.  
   It looks about two fifths of a dimin across and fourteen and a half dimins long.  It weighs
about three dekans.


As a member of the most elite warriors in the service of the dark Lord of Death, you receive a number of powers in exchange for service to your dark lord. The primary purpose of a Reaper is to bring death upon the living, especially to those who most attempt to preserve it. In this regard, your master Kragath requires that all of his servants continuously exercise their powers against the forces of good in the land.

In exchange for loyal service and worship, Kragath grants myriad abilities to his chosen warlords. A listing of the abilities you gain as a Reaper can be found in the file 'help powers', the code required by Kragath in 'help restrictions', and information about divine favor, or elan, is found in 'help elan'.

/----------------------------- Reaper Abilities ------------------------------\
| Granted Abilities    Ability Description                                    |
| Consecrate           This ability must be used on the remains of a reaper's |
|                      victims to create an altar to Kragath, upon which      |
|                      sacrifices can be made, or to invoke the reaper's dark |
|                      blessing.                                              |
| Deliverance          This ability is used to magickally transport objects,  |
|                      living and otherwise, to one's altar.                  |              
| Disperse             If the ability to envelop has been used, this will     |
|                      remove the cloak of shadows which envelop has created. |
| Drain                This ability drain's the victim's lifeforce and uses   |
|                      it to replenish the physical vitality of the reaper,   |
|                      and may cause the victim's movements to slow.          |
| Ectomorph            This ability allows a reaper to draw hir physical form |
|                      into the realm of Kragath, allowing them to traverse   |
|                      the physical plane in an immaterial form.              |
| Envelop              This ability allows a reaper to cloak one's self in    |
|                      the surrounding shadows, granting strong mystical      |
|                      resistances and hiding one's identity.                 |
| Flood                This ability is very risky at best but when used will  |
|                      channel excess Elan energies into the reaper in the    |
|                      form of spiritual energy, replenishing the reaper, but |
|                      effectively disabling them physically for a brief      |
|                      time.                                                  |
| Invoke               This ability calls upon the Reaper Himself, and        |
|                      requests his unholy aid.  If in battle it can          |
|                      devastate a foe, at a chosen's altar it can produce a  |
|                      variety of effects upon any item which lies upon the   |
|                      altar's maw.                                           |
| Limb Regenerativity  This ability grants a reaper with the ability to       |
|                      regenerate their limbs if they should be severed from  |
|                      the body.                                              |
| Malform              This ability causes the victim's body to twist and     |
|                      become hideously misshapen.                            |
| Malign               This ability severs a victim's connection with the     |
|                      spiritual plane, preventing them from utilizing        |
|                      magical energies for a time.                           |
| Primal               This ability bestows upon a reaper's unholy weapon the |
|                      ability to cut through normal resistances of the       |
|                      living, causing harm when it would normally be halted. |
| Quickness            This ability grants a reaper with the ability to       |
|                      increase one's physical movements.                     |
| Reaper Form          This ability grants a reaper with the visage of        |
|                      Kragath; causing one to lose their gender, the need    |
|                      for nourishment, and causes them to become anhumouric. |
|                       In doing so, one becomes undead in all aspects.       |
| Regeneration         This ability provides access to an ability that        |
|                      increases the normal healing process of one's body.    |
| Rend                 This ability manifests the will of the reaper into     |
|                      mystical claws that slash into the victim, causing     |
|                      damage.                                                |
| Return               The ability to call a reaper's physical being back     |
|                      from the realm of Kragath to inhabit the physical      |
|                      realm once more.                                       |
| Slaughter            This ability ends the life of a mortally wounded foe,  |
|                      bypassing the slow process of death and sending them   |
|                      directly to Kragath' realm.                            |
| Smite                This ability causes the victim to falter in their      |
|                      physical abilities, while weakening the mind and body  |
|                      in someway, it has also been known to stun the victim. |
| Unholy Fortitude     This provides a reaper with a strong affinity with the |
|                      forces of unholy energies.                             |
| Vampiric             This ability grants a reaper's unholy weapon with the  |
|                      ability to draw the life's essence from a victim,      |
|                      feeding it to the reaper.                              |
| Weakness             This ability causes the victim's mystical resistances  |
|                      to weaken, forcing them to take more damage than they  |
|                      would have otherwise.                                  |

[- The Reapers -- Powers Ability -]-

The warriors in the service of Kragath gain a number of benefits for their devotion, most notably their ability to invoke their master to aid them in the slaying of their enemies. Besides their powers dealing with the invocation of Lord Kragath, his Reapers receive a demon weapon bound to their soul upon entry to the Reaper's service and those Reapers who uphold his law best receive other enhancements - 'help bonuses' details these.

The the Reapers have the following special abilities:


-[- The Reapers -- Slaughter Ability -]-

[Syntax:] slaughter [target] Defaults to opponent if in combat, and can only be used on a mortally wounded enemy.

This, the most basic of the powers given to the Reapers costs the Reaper nothing, even filling him with the Reaper's unholy might as it feeds the Dark Lord with what he desires most.

  • Slaughter is a finisher which instantly slays mortally wounded beings, with no apparent benefit to the Reaper.


-[- The Reapers -- Rend Ability -]-

[Syntax:] rend [target] Defaults to opponent if in combat.

This power allows the Reaper to channel a small amount of Kragath' wrath to slash at the unfortunate target.

  • Does entropic slashing damage to the target. Requires a good bit of SP (50ish) and some Elan.
  • Thanaturgy and Torture increase Rend's damage, but Thanaturgy has twice as much importance as torture.


-[- The Reapers -- Deliverance -]-

[Syntax:] deliverance [target]

Once a Reaper has consecrated an altar, Deliverance may be used. This is the ability to magically transport objects -- in particular, corpses -- to one's altar. It is also effective on creatures, though these must trust the reaper using Deliverance on them, and have to reach their destination through conceptual navigation. Using this power drains one's spirit in proportion to the target's mass.

One exception to this behavior exists: you may use Deliverance on your altar itself in order to destroy it.

  • This power can be used to transport any object or willing being to your current Altar to Kragath, as crafted via the Consecrate power. The SP amount used is based on the mass of the targeted object.


-[- The Reapers -- Drain Ability -]-

[Syntax:] drain [target] Defaults to opponent if in combat.

A truly devoted warrior in the service of Kragath sees life as only a means of death, and will not hesitate to steal it from the others. To a Reaper, the only sacred life is hir own, for it is used to bring death upon others.

Reapers have the ability to draw the very life force out of their enemies, restoring their physical vitality and lowering that of their enemies, leaving them weakened and slowed by the might of Kragath.

  • Drain is used to leech both endurance and health from your target, at the cost of SP and Elan.


-[- The Reapers -- Smite Ability -]-

[Syntax:] smite [target] Defaults to opponent if in combat.

This power allows the Reaper to strike their enemies with a blast of unholy energy, leaving their strength of body and mind significantly reduced.

  • Significantly lowers the target's attributes. Recommended as an opener, along with malign/malform.


-[- The Reapers -- Flood Ability -]-

[Syntax:] flood

Kragath grants power to his most devoted warriors in a somewhat unusual way, in that it cannot be normally used as a part of the warrior's spiritual energy reserve. This ability allows the Reaper to channel some of his excess elan supply into his spiritual form, thus converting some of it into spiritual energy.

The problem with this is that the unholy might of Kragath is not very suitable for use by mortals, and causes damage and disorientation when channeled into a form in such a manner. Using this ability will prove temporarily disabling.

  • Damages the reaper with some mixture of Qlippotic and (probably) Primal damage, while emptying elan to the reaper's "steady" level and refilling SP.


[- The Reapers -- Weakness Ability -]-

[Syntax:] weakness [target]

Defaults to opponent if in combat.

This power brings out your enemy's weaknesses, making them more vulnerable to your attacks.

  • Does what it says on the tin.. probably.
  • Testing shows that it slightly reduces the target's entropy resistance.


[- The Reapers -- Envelop Ability -]-

[Syntax:] envelop

The use of this power wraps the caster in a cloak of shadows, protecting them from many forms of esoteric attack and granting them the anonymous guise of a Dark Reaper.

See also : help disperse

  • Shrouds the reaper in a dark cloak, increasing several resistances while causing the reaper to become weaker to certain extropic amalgams.
  • (Old info from Twilight) [OOC Twilight] You resist acid, alkali, ash, chaos, cold, crushing, cutting, darkness, disease, entropy, eskara, fire, force, goetia, heat, ice, magick, piercing, poison, stone, shadow, shock, temporal, unholy, viral, and void. You're staggered by crystal, extropy, lightning, nitre, order, light, steam, and thunder.
  • After the Amalgamal shift, the above information is likely very wrong - I assume that this is the correct resistances are alkali, ash, cold, darkness, entropy, eskara, ice, qlippotic, shadow, stone, and void.
  • You are healed by sacrifice damage while under the effects of Envelop, regardless of your affinities.
  • Note: Need about 75 thanaturgy before you gain access.


-[- The Reapers -- Ectomorph Ability -]-

[Syntax:] ectomorph

With the use of this power, the Reaper enters Kragath' realm without damage or loss. While there are many abilities that an ectomorphed Reaper loses, the Reaper becomes nigh invulnerable while the spiritual form is maintained.

Reapers do not gain this power automatically, but first must attain the wraith-like form of a true Reaper in order to activate it.

  • After obtaining the Reaper Form gift from Lord Kragath, Reapers may use ectomorph to become ghosts without loss of lives.
  • In conjunction with Return, this can be used to regenerate one's physical body, though repeated usage is rather taxing on Elan and Spiritual reserves.


-[- The Reapers -- Return Ability -]-

[Syntax:] return

This power allows a Reaper in ghostly existence to return to the physical realms.

  • Allows the Reaper to return to life without needing to pray at an altar.


[- The Reapers -- Invoke Ability -]-

[Syntax:] invoke

The direct invocation of Kragath can be very beneficial, but is
taxing on the mind and spirit, and cannot be done very often.  The rewards of
invoking Kragath vary from situation to situation, but it is noted that the
direct presence of the Reaper can be distasteful even to his Reapers who
possess his highest favor.

Invoke can also be used to offer special sacrifices to Lord Kragath. When placing certain weapons or armour on the altar before invoking Kragath, those items can be made Unholy. There are also rare black skulls that can be found. These are of special interest to Lord Kragath,and in return for giving these as an offering, Kragath will imbue his follower with special additional powers.

 You shout,  Hear me, O stealer of breath, O leaver of corpses!  Thy order
 is questioned!  I call upon you to crush those who would deceive the Reaper!
  • Invoking the reaper without enough Elan will cause Kragath to smite you, which can hurt quite a bit.
  • Invocation will provide a multitude of effects depending on the reaper's current combat state, the presence of an altar, and various other things.
  • When in combat, you may invoke the reaper to attempt to still all combat in the room. This removes you and all your opponents from direct conflict.
  • If you invoke the Reaper with another undead in the room, the targeted undead will be damaged as if turned via turn undead. (Note-this usually equals swift death for undead allies)
  • If you place an item on your altar and invoke the Reaper in the same room, it will be infused slightly with Qlippotic energy.
  • Invoking the Reaper with a black skull on your altar will imbue you with a new power (up until Primal Scythe)
  • Invoking the Reaper with almost any wearable item on the altar that is not sized for the invoker will result in that item being immediately resized perfectly (or near perfectly) for said invoker.

Enhanced form

   A whispering thought echoes inside your mind, -=You have become one of my great servants, and I grant you with the form of the Reaper as a reward for your unholy devotion.=-
   Your body takes on a less material and somehow darker form.
  • You become neuter, undead, anhumoristic, and have your Respiration set to None.
  • You may use Ectomorph and Return once you have gained this boon.


A whispering thought echoes inside your mind, -=You have demonstrated your
powers as one of my champions.  Now use the power of malform to twist and
destroy your enemies.=-

-[- The Reapers -- Malform Ability -]-

[Syntax:] malform [target]
Defaults to opponent if in combat.

This power allows the Reaper to channel incredible power into hir victim, causing their body to gruesomely malform. This usually results in loss of armour and weapons, giving the Reaper a significant advantage if going against a martial enemy.

  • Forces the removal of a random set of the target's armour and weapons. They cannot be re-equipped for some time.
  • If malform selects a biocrystal array or blood pebbles, it can tear them from the target and deal incredible amounts of damage.


A whispering thought echoes inside your mind, -=Well done, my servant.  Now
you may use the power of malign to further my cause.=-

-[- The Reapers -- Malign Ability -]-

[Syntax:] malign [target]
Defaults to opponent if in combat.

This power allows the Reaper to channel incredible power into hir victim, causing them to be severely limited in use of magical abilities.

  • Seems to cause Spiritual Disjunction and drain Spirit, at the least.

Vampiric scythe

A whispering thought echoes inside your mind, -=Very well done, my minion.
Your entropy scythe shall be enhanced with the power to draw the life from those
you bring it against.=-
  • Vampiric scythe replenishes the Reaper's SP, based on the target's alignment. The more good the target is the more SP your scythe will replenish per hit, but fighting neutral or evil enemies will yield no benefit.


A whispering thought echoes inside your mind, -=Most well done, my minion.  You
shall be granted the power to regenerate the damage your form suffers in my service.=-
You are now a first-degree specialist in regeneration.


A whispering thought echoes inside your mind, -=Excellently done, my servant. 
You shall be infused with power that will accelerate the functioning of your
body.=- You are now a first-degree specialist in quickness.

Unholy Fortitude

The black skull upon the altar to Kragath vanishes in an explosion of darkness which settles around you.
A whispering thought echoes inside your mind, -=Quite excellently done, my servant.  I shall grant you 
the capacity to reduce your vulnerability to attack by the forces of holiness.=-

You are now a first-degree specialist in Sephirotic Resistance. You are now a second-degree specialist in Entropy Affinity.

Limb Regeneration

A whispering thought echoes inside your mind, -=Most excellently done, my minion.
You shall be granted the power to regrow limbs lost in my service.=-
  • Gives ~2 regrowth

Primal scythe

A whispering thought echoes inside your mind, -=Incredible, Reaper.  In accordance with our pact, I will bind your scythe
with the power to bring harm to all it is set against.=-
Your black entropy scythe gleams with an unnatural light.
  • Imbues the Reaper's Entropy Scythe with the Divine damage type, which will damage almost all enemies in-game without meeting resistance.


[- The Reapers -- Consecrate Ability -]-

[Syntax:] consecrate

Those who follow the Reaper's Path must praise their lord through the ritual of sacrifice, and to do so they must have a proper altar. The creation of an altar to Lord Kragath is an very draining task, both physically and mentally, but can prove to be rewarding to the Reaper as Kragath bestows his favor upon those who sacrifice frequently.

  • The creation of an altar to Lord Kragath requires at least three corpses of roughly human size and considerable effort on the part of the Reaper.
  • Note that if the proper amount of corpses is not present, the consecration will fail.
  • Requires a good bit of SP depending on the mass of the targeted remains.
  • Using consecrate will cause many neutral autonomi to turn hostile if used in their presence. Beware when using in towns.
  • If you don't have enough SP to transform the remains into an Altar, your own life will be drained to make up for it. This can be extremely deadly if low on SP or are Consecrating a very large corpse.


-[- The Reapers -- Disperse Ability -]-

[Syntax:] disperse

Using disperse will remove the power of the cloak of shadows granted by Envelop.

  • Removes the cloak granted by Envelop, and removes any darkness you may have acquired from sacrificing.


Using the completely undocumented command 'claws' while enveloped will cause you to manifest a set of magical claws that add slashing and entropic damage to your unarmed strikes.

You hiss with pleasure as a couple of discolored scythe-like blades
materialize, glowing with raw unholy power, and hover just in front of your

Attack example:

You drain a white-skinned female human militia member's right foot with
your left hand.


-[- The Reapers -- Restrictions Ability -]-

The powers of an elite servant of Kragath come at a price. The warrior must provide blood in the service of Lord Kragath, as the warm blood of dying innocents is the primary physical symbol of his unholy might. To this cause, the Reaper must not use weapons of the blunt variety, as they kill without taking forth the lifeblood that Kragath so loves.

The Reaper must uphold the dictates of Kragath, and therefore keep his alignment to evil, lest he be ignored by the Reaper.

Lord Kragath asks that his highest servants be pious to his cause, and offer their rewards of battle to their master, and will remove his presence from those who would refuse the Reaper his dues.

As a result of the bond that the Reaper forms with his greatest servants, those who fight valiantly for Lord Kragath are known to take great offense to objects of holiness, as their presence can cause the Reaper much pain, and even interfere with his ability to contact his patron. Standing on holy ground has a similar effect on Kragath' highest knights.

And in the form of the reaper, Kragath' elite are susceptible to attacks aimed against undead, the turning ability of a Knight shouldn't be underestimated.

  • Do not wield blunt weapons in battle. No, seriously. Don't.
  • Lack of sacrifice will make Kragath ignore your requests to use your powers.
  • Holding holy items or entering holy areas will do significant damage to you repeatedly until you die or leave. This can be a death sentence if you accidentally wander into a church at low level.


-[- The Reapers -- Bonuses Ability -]-

Those who are particularly devoted to their lord receive a small fragment of his unholy might infused into them, making them even better at their chosen task. This infusion empowers the Reaper in the manner of bonuses to the warrior's strength and vitality, and to the skills of anatomy, unarmed, follow, and pole arms. Note, though, that only those who uphold the highest of the Lord Reaper's virtues receive these bonuses, and even then, cannot use their master's power when in the presence of holiness.

Specialty Acccess

These are the specialties granted to a male phaethon reaper with no associations and no skulls sacrificed. (I HAVE invested in some skills but that doesn't affect the actual access)

/----------------------- Specialty Access of Odygalys ------------------------\
| Skill                 Max    Min   Asg   Bon   Deg   Sus   Rat   Att   Pts  |
| Anatomy                8      0     0     0     0     0     0    Int    2   |
| Anglic                 1      0     0     0     0     0     40   Int    2   |
| Antagonism            10      0     1     0     1     0     34   Wil    0   |
| Archery                8      0     0     0     0     0     10   Per    0   |
| Armour Lore            8      0     0     0     0     0     0    Int    2   |
| Armour Use             8      0     0     0     0     0     0    Str    1   |
| Awareness              8      0     2     0     2     0     21   Per    0   |
| Axe                    8      0     0     0     0     0     18   Str    1   |
| Blindfighting          8      0     0     0     0     0     0    Per    0   |
| Carousing              0      0     0     0     0     0     2    Ego    4   |
| Centering             10      0     0     0     0     0     0    Wil    0   |
| Climbing               4      0     0     0     0     0     10   Agi    0   |
| Combat Reflexes       15      0     2     0     2     0     61   Agi    0   |
| Courage               10      0     1     0     1     0     44   Wil    0   |
| Crossbow               8      0     0     0     0     0     20   Per    0   |
| Dagger                 8      0     0     0     0     0     32   Agi    0   |
| Demolition            10      0     0     0     0     0     0    Per    0   |
| Diplomacy              0      0     0     0     0     0     0    Ego    4   |
| Discipline            15      1     1     0     1     0     0    Wil    0   |
| Dodge                  4      0     0     0     0     0     32   Agi    0   |
| Entropy Affinity      15      1     1     0     1     0     15   Vit    0   |
| Equilibrium           10      0     0     0     0     0     0    Wil    0   |
| Find Weakness         10      0     0     0     0     0     22   Per    0   |
| Flail                  8      0     0     0     0     0     18   Agi    0   |
| Flight                 2      0     1     0     1     0     32   Agi    0   |
| Hardiness             10      0     0     0     0     0     22   Vit    0   |
| History                4      0     0     0     0     0     0    Int    2   |
| Intimidation          15      0     0     0     0     0     0    Ego    4   |
| Introspection          0      0     0     0     0     0     0    Per    0   |
| Invocation            30      1     4     0     4     0     78   Ego    4   |
| Jumping                4      0     0     0     0     0     10   Str    1   |
| Killer Instinct       30      2     8     0     8     0    103   Per    0   |
| Lack of Weakness      10      0     0     0     0     0     22   Int    2   |
| Leadership             0      0     0     0     0     0     0    Ego    4   |
| Legend Lore            4      0     0     0     0     0     10   Int    2   |
| Load Bearing           8      0     0     0     0     0     0    Str    1   |
| Manipulation           0      0     0     0     0     0     0    Ego    4   |
| Massive Blow          15      0     5     0     5     0     74   Str    1   |
| Massive Exertion      10      0     0     0     0     0     0    Str    1   |
| Memory                 4      0     0     0     0     0     0    Int    2   |
| Mortuary              15      1     1     0     1     0     1    Int    2   |
| Orienteering           4      0     0     0     0     0     40   Per    0   |
| Pain Tolerance        15      1     1     0     1     0     19   Wil    0   |
| Piety                 15      1     1     0     1     0     0    Wil    0   |
| Pole Arm              30      2     7     0     7     0    121   Agi    0   |
| Practice               4      0     0     0     0     0     24   Wil    0   |
| Precision Strike      10      0     0     0     0     0     23   Per    0   |
| Qlippotic Affinity    31      2     4     0     4     0     22   Wil    0   |
| Qlippotic Lore         8      0     0     0     0     0     0    Int    2   |
| Recuperation          10      0     2     0     2     0     27   Vit    0   |
| Resilience            10      0     0     0     0     0     10   Vit    0   |
| Rhetoric               0      0     0     0     0     0     0    Ego    4   |
| Spear                  8      0     0     0     0     0     18   Agi    0   |
| Stamina               10      0     2     0     2     0     27   Vit    0   |
| Steadiness            10      0     0     0     0     0     19   Vit    0   |
| Subordination          0      0     0     0     0     0     0    Per    0   |
| Sword                  8      0     0     0     0     0     32   Agi    0   |
| Symbology             15      0     0     0     0     0     0    Int    2   |
| Tactics                8      0     2     0     2     0     64   Int    2   |
| Thanaturgy            30      2     4     0     4     0     25   Wil    2   |
| Theology               4      0     0     0     0     0     0    Int    2   |
| Throwing               8      0     0     0     0     0     15   Agi    0   |
| Torture               15      0     0     0     0     0     4    Per    0   |
| Tracking              10      0     0     0     0     0     20   Per    0   |
| Unarmed Combat         8      0     0     0     0     0     32   Agi    0   |
| Vocalization           4      0     0     0     0     0     0    Per    0   |
| Weapon Lore            8      0     0     0     0     0     0    Int    2   |
| Wyrding                8      0     0     0     0     0     3    Ego    4   |


Holton Jax is the guild trainer who resides within the crumbling halls of Kragathkul.

End of spoiler information.
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