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Rarity: Very Unusual

Plural: Nyloc
Collective Term: a murk of nyloc
Anatomy: Legless Clawed Winged Tailed Anthropoid
Harm Skills:
    Arcane Lore   19%
    Empathy       19%
    Intimidation  19%
    Metaphysics   19%
    Politics      11%
    Law            7%
    Torture        7%

The word "nyloc" is one to inspire fear in many a civilized heart. These beings of shadowy sorcery were created long ago by the drow as a servitor species; over the centuries, more and more nyloc escaped thrallhood, and now enough free ones exist to constitute an independent race.

A nyloc resembles nothing so much as a solidified shadow; their winged forms trail off below the waist into a wispy tail, with no legs in evidence. They hover continuously, rarely making contact with the ground. They are not alive in the ways most folk consider living; nyloc are unaffected by biological effects that would slay less arcane beings. They do not breathe, and can use both of their claws with equal dexterity. Their nightvision is outstanding, and none can match their abilities at stealth.

Nyloc are, however, vulnerable to many forms of energy, particularly light, due to their unusual makeup. Prolonged exposure to sunlight, for example, is known to burn their shadowy flesh. Flame and heat are known to be dangerous to them, as well. They typically live for somewhat over a hundred and ten years. Knowledge of the languages Zadjalin and Dazask is present in every newborn nyloc; this is implicit in the nature given them by their drow creators.

/-------------------------- The Nyloc Race -----------------------------------\
| Attributes                Strength                  10 to  70               |
|                           Intelligence              30 to 100               |
|                           Constitution              20 to  80               |
|                           Dexterity                 60 to 100               |
|                           Willpower                 30 to  90               |
|                           Charisma                  60 to 100               |
|                           Perception                80 to 140               |
|                           Size                      45 to  67               |
| Typical Sexes                                       Neuter                  |
|                                                     Male                    |
|                                                     Female                  |
|                                                     Hermaphrodite           |
| Sex Variation in          Neuter                    Strength Max -5         |
| Attributes                                                                  |
|                                                     Dexterity Max +5        |
|                           Male                      Constitution Max +5     |
|                                                     Charisma Max -5         |
|                           Female                    Dexterity Min +5        |
|                                                     Dexterity Max +5        |
|                                                     Willpower Min -5        |
|                                                     Willpower Max -5        |
|                           Hermaphrodite             Intelligence Max +5     |
|                                                     Dexterity Max -5        |
|                                                     Willpower Max +5        |
|                                                     Perception Max -5       |
| Languages                 Native                    Zadjalin                |
| Innate Skills             Flight                    10                      |
|                           Shadow Affinity           120                     |
| Specialty Access          Shadow Affinity           available: degree XXX,  |
|                                                     bonus: degree VIII      |
|                           Flight                    available: degree II    |
| Resistances               Viral                     immunity                |
|                           Disease                   immunity                |
|                           Temporal                  small resistance        |
|                           Poison                    immunity                |
| Traits                    Astral Perception         5                       |
|                           Diet                      Sanguivore              |
|                           Heliocausticity           2                       |
|                           Night Vision              4                       |
|                           Regrowth                  6                       |
|                           Respiration               None                    |
|                           Sadism                    2                       |
|                           Sentience                 Anthropic               |
|                           Somatic Adaptability      1                       |
|                           Speech Pattern            Whispery                |
| Cultures and Homelands    Freeholder                Freehold                |
|                           Losthavener               Losthaven               |
|                           Lowlander                 Halfmoon Bay            |
|                                                     Sanctuary               |
|                           Shadowmyrker              Shadowmyrk              |
|                           Talantonite               the Shadow Tower        |
|                           Yathrelar                 Yathryn                 |
|                           Zadnothruan Wildling      Zadnothruin             |
| Physical Characteristics  Anatomy                   Legless Clawed Winged   |
|                                                     Tailed Anthropoid       |
|                           Natural Weaponry          Excellent               |
|                           Other                     Artificially-Created    |
| Mental Characteristics    Psi                       Psychically Alien       |
Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.


Nylocs have incredible abilities, such as being able to regrow amputated limbs, ambidexterity, the ability to fly, numerous resistances/invulnerabilities -- all with no natural assimilativity penalties. However, these abilities do come with a price:

  • Sanguivore diet means you will not be able to drink non-blood, such as alcohol or potions. (Unconfirmed: Nature's Reverie may permit it.)
  • From what I remember, nylocs can eat corpses but not food, such as lembas or melange.
  • Kurd cannot vivisect you into another race! (Warpstones remain an option).
  • Because of your acid invulnerability and a quirk in the coding implementation, you will not be able to "naturally" collect the acid needed for the Power Potion Quest. There are several ways around this, but the key point is you cannot be affected by acid in respect to this quest. Ralnos states: Correction, while NORMAL acid cannot affect you, stuff like boiling acid, can. It has been tested and confirmed by my nyloc Ringwielder and although I don't remember the exact type of acid that was used, it was from Protax, and was a mixture of acid and another damage type.
  • You cannot mount other creatures because you have no legs. This doesn't have any major impact, but keep it in mind if you envisioned riding for roleplaying purposes. Ralnos speaks: Not sure when this was first said, but it has a major impact now more than ever. As a legless creature, you cannot join the Equites Serpentina, and obviously you won't be able to make use of any mounts, which can be extreme boons in some situations.


  • To drink blood, you need to perform your Exsanguinating Bite attack. You could either suspending your other attacks to concentrate on feeding, or manually perform the maneuver. Another choice is to feed off of corpses, which can also be targeted with Exsanguinating bite.
  • If you have the gold to spare, buy a horse from one of the stablemasters in Losthaven. You can continuously drain the horse of blood without it defending itself, even if you kill it.
  • The cows & horses in Jack's Farm make an excellent source of blood for feeding, because they provide a tremendous quantity of blood are not too deadly should you be dying of starvation.
  • When starving, you can also feed on corpses and meat from butchers.
  • Normal daylight is a constant drain on your health
  • Athil quinars are the basic armour type that can fully protect a nyloc. You can obtain these from Shadowmyrk.
  • As Nyloc have a massive amount of natural shadow affinity, the amalgams metal, stone, light, darkness, thunder, cold, acid, and alkali will deal more damage to you the higher your affinity is. (It is theorized that with enough Light Affinity you will be healed by you own heliocausticity. This was tested by Xathanon and Nylocs with light affinity break the affinity system and behave weirdly.)
End of spoiler information.
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