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:f = base elemental fire energy cost :f = base elemental fire energy cost
:h = base heat energy cost :h = base heat energy cost
-:n = base endurance enegry cost+:n = base endurance energy cost
Spell details are on their [[Spells (Ordo Ignis Aeternis)|own page]]. Spell details are on their [[Spells (Ordo Ignis Aeternis)|own page]].

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Guild Help

 Located in Devonshire, 1n and 2w of the south gate.

You are a member of Ordo Ignis Aeternis, a cabal of magi attuned to fire and heat energies.

Like all magi, you require a handful of esoteric skills that will allow you to manipulate the arcane, as well as a deep reserve of spiritual energy. In addition to these skills and energies, you will use several techniques and power stores unique to an initiate of Ordo Ignis Aeternis.

Your primary aspect of spell usage is fire. Fire has many uses and functions, and with further understanding of the ways of pyraturgy, a mage can learn of the different forms of fire. Fire, and its derivatives, are the basis for all of an initiate's powers. Elemental fire energy is thus of great value to any member of the Order.

While the predominant effect of fire is destruction, there are many more aspects to the element. It can be used for warmth, to shed light, to cook with, and as fuel for a multitude of other processes. Despite its many uses, fire is also dangerous, as are those who wield it. Great care must be taken when handling fire, and great respect for its power is necessary to ensure your own safety. A reckless initiate can easily be burned by the power that he seeks to control or find himself the victim of an angry mob of peasants who will tie him to a stake and give him a very direct access to the power he seeks to control.

While Ordo Ignis Aeternis are reformists from a Mage Conclave, they still maintain a certain hierarchy concerning guild matters. This hierarchy is treated with the same respect shown towards the flames that power the guild spells. Many Ordo Ignis Aeternis take on a personality that reflects the power of fire, being highly volatile, highly reactive, and demanding a certain amount of respect when dealing with them. Should the members of Ordo Ignis Aeternis show open disrespect for each other, it is only a matter of time until beings from outside the guild begin showing their disrespect, and the only feasible result of this would be for Ordo Ignis Aeternis to burn everyone around them. This would not be good for the image of a guild powered by a force that easily instills fear in the minds of lesser beings. That being said, mutual respect among practitioners is highly encouraged, lest we all be consumed in our own flames.

Part of the hierarchical structure within Ordo Ignis Aeternis is the Board of Spellcrafting, whose responsibility is to ensure that spell study is performed according to certain standards, and that these newly researched spells are thoroughly tested to ensure adequate safety measures are instilled. Once a spell has been sufficiently researched, formulated, and passed the Board, it is made available for all other members of the guild to study. This ensures that we continue our studies, and that certain spells are not horded away in some dusty old library where they serve no purpose to anyone. Any member of the guild can do spell research in attempts to formulate a new spell, and such spells can be submitted to the Board at any time, though the review process may be lengthy. The more complex the spell, the more time is needed to ensure all aspects of the spell are suitable for the guild.

When Ordo Ignis Aeternis was known only as the Red Order, they were figuratively burned by the other factions of their 'Conclave'. Because of this, Ordo Ignis Aeternis as a whole is very wary of those who are of extreme alignments. Fire is very neutral, caring not for the whims of the so-called battle between good and evil, nor of order and chaos. No matter which side of a war you are on, your corpse burns just as well on a funeral pyre. An initiate's energies are better suited towards furthering their own abilities at using fire energies than trying to promote some ethical cause. Let the others have their little wars, and when the smoke clears, Ordo Ignis Aeternis will be there controlling things from their neutral vantage point.

Read 'help spells' for information on Ordo Ignis Aeternis spells and spellcasting. See 'help spell summary' for a quick display of your spell information.

Joining Ordo Ignis Aeternis

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

The tanned-skinned male anthrope intones, ((= An Order initiate must be sufficiently literate as to be able to read scrolls and spells, and especially to document their spell research. You do not meet this requirement. =)) to you.

Literacy 30 Empathy 32 Scholarship 60

Max level to join is 300.

Members of the Pantarchic Church are welcomed in the guild, but Gaius has reservations about allowing member of the Almerian Inquisition into the guild.

Requirements and Bonus Specialties

                  Min    Bonus
Evocation                  1
Lumiturgy                  1
Pyraturgy                  1
Thermaturgy                1
Typhaturgy                 1
Telesmatic Weapon          1
Literacy                   1
Centering                  3
Channeling                 3
Literacy                   1
Empathy                    2
Enochian                   1
Scholarship                1

Total of ZERO required specialty points.

NPCs and Facilities

NB: due to the current state of the guildhall (i.e., nonexistent) the below information is no longer applicable. While it is possible to join the guild, new members will not be able to obtain a robe, which will significantly impair their ability to play. Introductory lessons in Enochian and other skills can be obtained from various non-guild non-wandering trainers.

Schola Fervitus is the name of the guildhall, and it contains a few services inside.

Farachat is running a "bookstore", which is actually general purpose magick/book shop. He is apparently responsible for the research behind several of the spells available.

Talos is the guild banker, and is also a trainer. He is the only trainer in Schola Fervitus that charges, and he charges quite a bit. The banker shares the account with other banks, so the maximum account balance is still same, and it is just better to deposit here, withdraw anywhere.

There is also a cafeteria. The "dark gray stone menu" is actually either a sign, or can also be checked with the standard "list" command. The meals are severely lacking, apparently due to lack of funding (more money was put into the free trainers than on some free food. The Cafeteria itself is somewhat unnecessary once you unlock the Feed Inner Flame ability.

There are two free trainers inside the guildhall, Aedryl and Flizera. This free training is a great benefit early on, since it means you don't have to scavenge for exorbitant amounts of gold to get your guild abilities. The downside is that they cap out really quickly. Flizera teaches more of the academic skills, and is the initial source for Fire Affinity. Aedryl drains both endurance and spirit when he trains you, so be prepared to do a lot of resting after trying to train all for the first few time. His max training on a lot of skills is pretty low, so about time you get enough spirit and endurance to handle a full training, he has already capped out on over half of the skills. Still, the two of them teach a wide variety of skills, and you just can't beat the price.

There are also some trainers who wander the world. The wandering trainers are much harder to get to due to their locations, but teach a lot of skills not covered by the guildhall trainers, and teach to a higher level on most of the skills. Of course, by the time you actually find the trainers, some of your skills may be higher than theirs.

Badlokk the Butcheress is one of trainers, first found in Mordo 18, 13, 0. She is an orc, and charges rather hefty fees for her lessons.

Iklam is a yeti that wanders the Northlands. He says he has no use for the metal in your coins, and will train you for free.

Itozuma the Golden wanders around the jungles of Tenochlan spouting his own prophecies of doom. He also does not charge, and teaches a ton of skills, like leeching, diagnosis, and break fall.

Pierce wanders around Underdark. He trains some very useful skill higher as well as fire affinity.


Ordo Ignis Aeternis Spells

The spells of Ordo Ignis Aeternis involve evocation processes of varying sorts, but they all begin by incanting the spell's name, followed by the target (if any), in the Enochian tongue. Some spells have additional requirements, such as material components or an environ with a specific fuel for the spell. These will be noted in each spells help file.

Your rating in a spell is determined by a weighted average of certain attributes and skills, listed in the help file. You must have a certain minimum rating (also listed) into order to cast the spell at all, and every point above that rating will increase the effectiveness and decrease the energy cost of the spell. Exactly how much it's decreased depends on the difficulty of the spell -- ordinary spells will go down to about half of the base rating, while more difficult spells will go down by only a small fraction.

You may see a summary of the spell list by typing 'help spell summary'.

Almost all combat spells require you to aim them and can potentially be dodged; your attack rating with these spells is always determined by your telesmatic weapon, pyraturgy, and their mother attributes.

Spells do not have endurance cost, except when cast in combat. The amount of extra energy it takes to cast a combat spell is determined by one's skill at legerdemain.

Being Interrupted

Taking damage while casting a spell, stunning, agonizing, and euphoria will interrupt the casting. This can be overcome by predominantly Concentration, with Discipline and Tenacity adding into the resist.

While not potentially interrupting a cast in progress, having less than two hands or becoming unable to speak during combat will prevent any further casting, effectively interrupting all casting thereafter.


The numbers here are from some player(s) list(s) at some point(s) in time. The base values can be found in the spell descriptions on the spell details page.

/--------------------------------- Ordo Ignis Aeternis Spell Summary ---------------------------------\
| Spell                   rating (%)    Description                                  s    f    h    n |
Rating = current absolute effective rating in the spell, and percentual share of that rating between the minimun and maximum ratings.
s = base spiritual energy cost
f = base elemental fire energy cost
h = base heat energy cost
n = base endurance energy cost

Spell details are on their own page.

Specialty Details

			[min..]max	bonus
 Centering		3..25		+1
 Channeling		3..25		+1
 Legerdemain		1..12			(+2 max than adventurers)
 Literacy		2..18		+2	(+8 max than adventurers)
 Prestidigitation	1..12
 Pyraturgy		2..20		+1
 Arcane Lore		10		+1	(same max as in adventurers)
 Enochian		10		+1	(to not mess up too much with casting, a skill of 78 is a good target)
 Heat Tolerance		10		+1
 Introspection		10		+1
 Memory			10		+1	(same max as in adventurers)
 Scholarship		10		+1	(same max as in adventurers)

 Abjuration		 6
 Alchemy		 2
 Artillery		 2
 Conjuration		15
 Daemonology		 5
 Divination		10
 Enchantment		 6
 Eructation        	10
 Evocation		10
 Latin			 6
 Law			 3
 Meditation		 8
 Metaphysics		10
 Siege Engineering	 3
 Summoning		 6
 Symbology		 6
 Tenacity		 4

 Concentration		25

 Telesmatic Weapon	10

 Anatomy		6
 Anglic			8
 Animal Lore		3
 Archery		2
 Armour Adaptation	2
 Armour Lore		4
 Awareness		3
 Biofeedback		4
 Brewing		3
 Calligraphy		3
 Cartography		3
 Combat Reflexes	3
 Cooking		3
 Cosmology		3
 Courage		2
 Crossbow		8		(one of the few weapon skills)
 Dagger			8		(one of the few weapon skills)
 Demolition		5
 Desert Fieldcraft	3
 Diplomacy		2
 Discipline		8
 Dodge			8
 Eavesdropping		2
 Elude Pursuit		3
 Fast Talk		3
 Finance		2
 Find Weakness		6
 First Aid		4
 Fletching		4
 Gambling		2
 Gem Lore		3
 Haggling		2
 History		4
 Imagination		4
 Insect Lore		3
 Intimidation		3
 Killer Instinct	5
 Leadership		3
 Legend Lore		6
 Linguistics		5
 Lockpicking		2
 Logic			5
 Logistics		2
 Manipulation		3
 Massive Blow		2
 Mathematics		5
 Metallurgy		2
 Mortuary		3
 Ownership		3
 Pain Tolerance		2
 Philosophy		5
 Physics		5
 Plant Lore		3
 Politics		5
 Precision Strike	5
 Psychology		5
 Resilience		5
 Rhetoric		3
 Rune Lore		6
 Savoir Faire		2
 Sculpture		3
 Shield			3
 Smithing		2
 Staff			8		(one of the few weapon skills)
 Stamina		3
 Steadiness		8
 Strategy		4
 Tactics		4
 Teaching		5
 Throwing		4
 Traps			4
 Unarmed Combat		5		(one of the few weap.. erm, combat skills)
 Vocalization		4
 Weapon Lore		4

Skills adventurers have, OIA does not

Acting, Angrak, Arctic Fieldcraft, Assarith, Axe, Balance, Blindfighting, Bludgeon, Break Fall, Breath Control, Cargo Handling, Carousing, Carpentry, Carving, Climbing, Dancing, Dethek, Digging, Disguise, Drawing, Driving, Equestrian, Farming, Fishing, Flail, Fletching, Foraging, Hammer, Heraldry, Hithal, Impact Absorption, Instant Stand, Intelligence Analysis, Jumping, Jungle Fieldcraft, Lack of Weakness, Livestock Breeding, Load Bearing, Locksmithing, Masonry, Mimicry, Mineral Lore, Mountaineering, Mounted Combat, Musical Composition, Nanomi, Navigation, Painting, Percussion Instruments, Picking Pockets, Plains Fieldcraft, Poetry, Pole Arm, Practice, Prose, Riding, Running, Sewing, Shorelands Fieldcraft, Showmanship, Singing, Sling, Spear, Spelunking, Sperethiel, Stealth, Storytelling, Streetwise, Stringed Instruments, Subordination, Swamp Fieldcraft, Swimming, Sword, Takargu, Tanning, Theology, Torture, Tracking, Training, Tumbling Underwater Fieldcraft, Ventriloquism, Weaving, Wind Instruments, Xhax

End of spoiler information.
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