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This is an attempt at organizing shoggothim strunghlg (organs) in a manner that shows at a quick glance what does what. Not in any necessarily sense-making order, or even organized all that well, but hopefully decently usable for reference.


Attribute Organs

Organ Translation Functionality
Porg Strength Strength Boost
Daggath Force Strength Efficiency
Ugulgn Brain Intelligence Boost
Zn'glau Forum Intelligence Efficiency
Lubbeeg Coherence Vitality Boost
Byrulth Binding Vitality Efficiency
Bhurvog Speed Agility Boost
Klithlek Flow Agility Efficiency
Yarl Will Willpower Boost (Along with Pain Tolerance, Resilience, and Steadiness)
Iilikrek Unity Willpower Efficiency
Ovogalg Mimic Ego Boost
Gleethpik Choreographer Ego Efficiency
Thogfha Perception Perception Boost
Vaphsku Insight Perception Efficiency

Body Part Organs

Organ Translation Functionality
Hngaug Tentacle Tentacle
Ythog Eye Eye (Loss of Blindness, Also increases perception and awareness)
Pulgk-Ythog Pod Eye Compound Eye (Loss of Blindness, Also increases perception and awareness)
Mfha Tympanum Ear (Loss of Deafness, Also increases perception and awareness)
Ivithuu Antenna Olfactory Antenna (Loss of Anosmia Also increases tracking)
Xelth Wing Wing
Abvhath Maw Digestive Mouth (Requires Tentacle)
K'thee Pipe Communicative Mouth (Requires Tentacle)
Fethfhau Knife Bone Spur (Requires Tentacle, does slashing)
K'flithk Razor Diamond Spur (Requires Tentacle, does significantly more slashing)
Vulk Spear Quill (Requires Tentacle, does stabbing)
Wuigalk Needle Diamond Quill (Requires Tentacle, does significantly more stabbing)
Ghewmth Lifter Levitary (Allows Wingless Flight
Rheet-Ulwu Poison Gland Venom Gland
Gut-Ulwu Phlogiston Gland Phlogiston Producing Organ
Ruwuthih Firetube Phlogiston Eructation Organ
Plebgl Squirter Spitting Tongue (Requires Digestive Mouth, enables Spit attack)
Keph Head Head
Uzhlaum Arm Arm
Tlilik Hand Hand
Eklekfhlg Leg Leg
Gzilik Foot Foot
Phikt Sting Stinger (Requires Hand, Arm, Tentacle, or Wing)
Yezkralk Skeleton Endoskeleton (Loss of amorphism, adds strength, contitution, dexterity, massive blow)
Tyltylgm Carapace Exoskeleton (Acts as a deflective shield?, also gives lack of weakness)

Resistance Organs

Organ Translation Functionality Skills Required to Flgathl
Beemeh Integrator Psionic Resistance 40 points among metapsychology skill, 50% of metaphysics skill and 10% of discipline skill
Fungthek Stabilizer Thunder Resistance 40 points among physics skill and 50% of biology skill
Hhk-Ulwu Thermodynamic Gland Heat/Cold Tolerance 60 points among alchemy skill, somatesthesia skill and physics skill
Kreglth-Ulwu Antidote Gland Poison Resistance 40 points among poison lore skill and somatesthesia skill
Nnthurhuk Compressor Force Resistance 80 points among physics skill and biology skill
Oiyeuth Grounder Lightning Resistance 40 points in physics skill
Pulgitl-Ulwu Blocker Gland Eskara Resistance 80 points among biology skill and physics skill
Ueema-Ulwu Inhibitor Gland Acid/Alkali Resistance 40 points among alchemy skill and somatesthesia skill

Skill Organs

Organ Translation Functionality Skills Required to Flgathl
Buwglu-Ulwu Immunity Gland Robustness 40 points among biology skill and somatesthesia skill
Gyrluhtn Healer Regeneration
Phlung Butcher Demolition, Find Weakness, Killer Instinct, Lack of Weakness 80 points among anatomy skill and physics skill
Stur-Ulwu Endurance Gland Recuperation, Stamina

Trait Organs

Organ Translation Functionality
Cheedthek Predictor Situational Awareness
Hurgkthorg Weakness Anthropic Sentience, loss of Anhedonia, required for Empathic Bonds
Iggura Comfort Analgesia
Kaxmang Berserker Berserkness, large amount of killer instinct
Ngwilgw Shade Loss of Dazzle
Quifagh Glow Luminescence
Rhilth Oven Internal Respiration
Zzthafgh Amplifier Night Vision
Yfunelunsth Arrangement Paravision
Daklalth Dimension Hyperspatiality
Wagagl Dream Shoggoth Gestalt Connectivity

Psionic Organs

Organ Translation Functionality
Dhlathm-Voivog Leech Lobe Psychic Vampire
Eeumu-Voivog Mindshield Lobe Mindshielder
Fenikred-Voivog Dowser Lobe Dowser
Ghurk-Voivog Empath Lobe Empath
G'thuu-Voivog Sensitive Lobe Sensitive
Hyeleth-Voivog Mindspeech Lobe Mindreader, Mindspeaker
Ng'gha-Voivog Igniter Lobe Firestarter
T'skee-Voivog Mindblast Lobe Mindblaster
Yog-Voivog Gate Lobe Planeswalker
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