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*[[Wyvern (Empathic Bond)|Wyverns]] *[[Wyvern (Empathic Bond)|Wyverns]]
-===Bond Failure Messages=== 
-* Bats 
- You sense a strange, premanatory thrill from the black female bat and the stirrings of some 
- malificent force within your own spirit, but it quickly ebbs, as though that force could find 
- nothing inside you to root onto. 
-* Wyverns 
- You sense that the brown-mottled yellow male wyvern feels some sort of lingering weakness within 
- you and, disturbingly, is more inclined to take advantage of that weakness than to bond with you. 
-* Amphipteres 
- You sense that the black-winged black-scaled male amphiptere is attempting to reciprocate the 
- bond but is unable to communicate something about himself to you -- something fundamental, 
- sacrosanct, and very old. 
-* Coyotes 
- You sense that she is eager to reciprocate the bond, but is reluctant due to a lack of trust in 
- your ability to cope with diverse and novel circumstances 
-* Osprey 
- You sense that you lack what the brown-winged female osprey have and in turn demands: an  
- unbreakable temperament and a love of the sea. 
-* Pegasus 
- You sense that the white-winged sorrel pegasus mare ignores you, wistfully wishing that you were 
- more sensitive and understanding. 
-* Polar Bear 
- You sense that the white bear senses some suppressed timidity within you, causing it to quickly 
- loses interest in a bond with you. 
=Trainers= =Trainers=

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The Verynvelyrae (plural of Verynvelyr) are protectors of nature who engage in their work by forming Empathic Bonds with terrestrial animals via spiritual germination.

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.


The Verynvelyrae are based out of a cabin in Cimbra, located at -15, 7, 0.


Animal Lore 1
Foraging 1
Plant Lore 1
Tracking 1

Sirinil first asks that you assist in healing the forest, by completing At'lordrith's Riddle


Verynvelyr are capable of bonding with the animals of the wild via spiritual germination.

To view the state of your bond, think about my ability to form empathic bonds.

To form a bond with an animal, concentrate on forming an empathic bond with <animal> via spiritual germination.

To imagine forming a bond with an animal, imagine forming an empathic bond with <animal> via spiritual germination.

Empathic Bonds Book

Known Familiar Types


End of spoiler information.
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