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Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.



Hi everyone!

Leolla here =D!

This here guide will tell you how to be a successful Erisian Liberation Front member/theologian/guerilla/benchwarmer/pot pie maker!


If you want to be an elf then:
1) That's lower case! Maybe you're in the wrong place? o_O
b) Make one! If you can't figure that out, then you're gonna have problems!
III) Unless you want to be an elf ELF. Maybe you could be "Elfy McElven" the Elven ELF! Maybe the developers will zap you eighty ways from tomorrow!

Note: Eris is not responsible for any insanity, death, no pie, or sudden total protonic reversal caused by invocation of any of the Elder Gods or generally playing with cosmic forces what are beyond the ken of mortals. Or following any of Leolla's advice. And since Leolla is less than Eris, then by the transitive property of Chaos, Leolla is even less responsible.
And she's pretty irresponsible.

About The Best Guild Evuh

First, don't tell the other guilds we're in the best guild ever. They get Paranoid, and Jealous, and Thirsty.

Then they get all emo like this: (//_o)

Secondly, assess your personality. Ask yourself some questions:

  1. Do I like utter, incomprehensible randomness?
  2. Do I like utter, incomprehensible dying?
  3. Do I like pie and insanity?
  4. Does the idea of strange, unfair things happening to me make me smile?

If you said "no" to any of these, there's something wrong with you. It is a personality test after all.
For the low low price of 110% of everything you ever make, we at Leolla Worshipfulness Institute can part you with 110% of everything you make trying to fix what's wrong with you. You'll be clear of Kazar before you know it!
You'll be a Pope before you know it!
You'll be dead before you know it!

If you said yes to all of them, then you may just have what it takes! Being a fully trained ELF means you will have a wide assortment of abilities at your fingertips, some of which can even be used to injure someone other than yourself!

Joining The Best Guild Evuh

Sinister Dexter hangs out of his own free will on the ninth floor of the Shadow Tower. If you visit him, he'll tell you that you have to see a god in action before you're qualified to go trying to bum the proverbial ride from them.

A popular choice is Apollo, who just tends to hang around his temple waiting to be prayed to, but is a bit deaf. You may have to pray to him several times.

Other more dangerous choices include saying "Hai" to Cthulhu, Yog-Sothoth and Abhoth. They hangout on Ry'leh waiting to ea...for you to drop in for a bi..visit.

Begging for help to get to see Ess Dee is probably your best way to start. He's behind a locked door, and that'll save you alot of annoyance trying to find a lockpick and raise the appropriate skill or get a key or whatever. Do NOT try to break down the door, unless you wanna play "Catch the Singularity Staff" with Kalyxes. And that's not a euphemism.

Leolla's Suggestions on Stats and Skills

Stats and skills, stats and skills. Where do I put what? Should I give myself ton of strength or what?

Well, as always, there are a few rules. Which you should, as always, feel free to totally ignore. Or canonize.

  1. Have fun. If you want to be a maximum sized zuth with no charisma ELF, do it.
  2. Consider spreading out your skills instead of trying to be the bestest at one thing: that 10th spec in chaos affinity may not be as cool as your 2nd in elder lore.
  3. Don't be afraid to move stuff around.

The Meat of the Matter, the Cherry in the Pie:

  • Wil, Ego and Int are important. You have 3 required specs in WIL, and 2 in INT and EGO:
Wil    1    Chaos Affinity
Wil    1    Chaoturgy
Int    1    Erisian
Ego    1    Invocation
Wil    1    Piety
Int    1    Theology
Ego    1    Theurgy

The 4 skills (not Erisian) all max at 5 specs. AND you'll want Theology (max 5) and Elder Lore (max 4). And some arcane lore (max 2). So that's alot of potential INT to be the bestest at everything (32 for everything!). But see below, you can maybe save some.

  • WIL and EGO influence your invoke power, with luck (not that you can help that!)

For WIL, you'll have 3 Equilibrium/Centering specs available, and 10 Chaos Affinity, notably.
For EGO, you'll have 5 Invocation, 2 Wyrding and 1 Leadership, important if you have your own personal army, like me!

So, in summary, you'll need to balance INT for your necessary skills with WIL/EGO for invocation power.

Other stuff, like str/agi/vit fightiness is up to you!

Getting Started Stuff

Step 1: Look at this picture!
Step 2: Then look at thisone alot!
Aw. You're not gonna look at it for sure..
Ok. Here it is! (Yay Zia, by the way! There's a golden apple for you somewhere!)

Leolla's favorite Eris pic.
Leolla's favorite Eris pic.

Step 3: Love Eris in possibly (probably) immoral and illegal ways.

So, what do I get, yo?
You get one power. You invoke gods!
A quick look at their requirements shows that you need theology for the most part to get them, with elder lore coming in second, and finally arcane lore.
If you want Apollo you'll need 300 in theology+lots of other skills. If you want Hyperion you'll need 400 in those 3 combined (well, with a couple other skills thrown in. Best get crackin'!

So, spec up your theology and get training! Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers though (and save some for Krishna!). Learn Erisian enough to speak it consistently (linguistics, hint, hint) and set your invocation language to it.

--Leolla sez: see my friend's notes with these "--" about languages! Credit where credit is due! Good jarb! I'm so lazy I never really even bothered with this..you think I'd know bettuh! Woe is me =/
--Also, there are other languages that are known to make certain Gloomy Gussy Gods into Happy Harry's. While this is still being ...fine tuned, if you will.. I will add them anyway! --Xaolyn adds: Gods are beings of mighty power, from ancient times, Thari really gets them going, if you don't know what they like most, go with Thari! Erisian works too, but Erisian has the interesting effect of having a random positive or negative effect on your invocation strength, it's a wildcard!

ELFs are full to the brim with buffs. You should always be invoking/keeping up:

Buffs (not nekkidness) (pervs)


Enhance your ego, and hence your invocation's power.
--Strangely, I've always been told that Fromageb was the way to go with Loki. Erisian has no effect.


To give you luck, for the same reason.
--Fortuna doesn't mind Erisian, in fact, likes it... but she looooooooves Latin. More than the sun loves to explode. If you are a race that gets screwed for luck -- invoke her in Latin.


To give you intellect for spirit.
--Hecate also gives you a rather annoying Mr. Floaty (aka apagion) that does nothing but eat up your experience. Leolla feels otherwise cause she does some craaaaaaazy army-ness. When invoked in combat, depending on your strength and offering, she'll send a certain amount of celestial blades forth to aid you. They do magic damage (surprise)!


For agility and fightiness -- she also increases your speed.
--Invoked in combat, she can be extremely powerful, stunning all the enemies you are currently in combat with. Erisian is okay, but she (through my experimentation) seems to enjoy Zadjalin or Nihonese.

According to the Wiki " ...Synousia Algesis is a Graecan phrase -- a language known to be preferential to the Lady of Pain's divine ears..." Nemesys 01:36, 20 May 2010 (EDT)


-- Ares increases a plethora of skills when done correctly, such as blindfighting, combat reflexes, courage, find weakness, lack of weakness, massive blow, precision strike, quickness, resilience, steadiness, strategy and tactics. If you offer him weapons or armour, there's a fairly good chance you'll not only get something better than you have, you can at least sell it for something more. Also can net you a raw speed boost. Speak Graecan in his invocation and he'll love you forever.


--Eris's untamed whore -- gives the boon of strength bonus, but he's EXTREMELY finicky. He will no waste a second to come and splat you in person.
--Leolla axs: I've never seen a vit bonus. Sup wif dat?


Tzeench gives some chitin for your protection, and... really, nothing else of note.
--It is best to speak to him in SEKKCHA becuse he HATES Anglic! If you have full hp, he'll leave you with a chitterbug/deathroach, which actually aren't bad at lewer levels.
--Leolla sez: I always figured you could use Ci-Xitid and Xitid as well (perhaps even better as invae-speek is more commoner-est). But I'm lazy! --Xaolyn notes: Apparently he doesn't give a rat's ass about insectile languages at all, which is probably for the best, they are a *pain* to speak!


-- Tsathoggua is one of the MOST IMPORTANT invocations to keep in mind. It'll identify anything in the area, poisons your weapons, and give you a nice, clean feeling.
--Leolla barks: Since we're talkin' languages, you could probably do Ngaathgl, the favoured tongue of lloigor.


More intellect. S-M-R-T!
--Leolla postulates: You could give Gracean a shot here too...he is all Greeky!
--Xaolyn again: He actually buffs *all* the mental attributes, intellect, willpower, perception, ego, it's awesome!


(Fun fact, I can NEVER spell his name right). Are you wearing your brand??!!
--Leolla murmurs: Again with the Ngaathgl. --Xaolyn fun fact: Try not to screw up invoking him! Pissing him off makes him eat lives, but not kill you, which I suppose is better than actually dying, but still.


(Fun fact, I can spell this one every time). For vitality.
--Leolla screeches: Ngaathglx3. Rinse and repeat for other lloigor; should also note Thari is a pretty magical one as well if yer capable of that.
--Porphyria says: A small word of warning here - that spiritual taint you feel when you get this buff? That's your luck going down. Not a big deal if you've got tons, but can be bad for the unwary.

Other useful ones


Removed as of Change 6105

I just did it for the money! Will give you "the cashes". --Xaolyn!: Also comes with a handy lockpick if you invoke him around a locked door, it's a really nice one too, very shiny.


For a double to hide behind. Also like, stealth and other boring sneeky stuff.


For the protection given by the night aura. And darkness. I'm looking at you, nylocs!


For light.
--Leolla postulates: Sumerian may be worth a shot here.
--Porphyria invokes Tonatiuh in the language spoken in His main temple: Tezhuatl


Invoke many times. Once he stops giving you bugs he'll train you in the insecty stuff mentioned in his description.
--Tzeench also heals wounded peepz if you've already got the chitin and look like you need it.


For the same as above. More training! Especially elder lore.


Yet more trainings. A whole ton of them. Skill sheets long enough for me to swim in, yay!


To get/charge an anja chakra. Astral perception for those who didn't pick the right race during character selection.
Leolla may be biased.


Same deal, but with a muladhara chakra.


To get you from A to B while sometimes stopping off at C to get pie.


Should provide even yet more training, but I'm not as savvy with him.

Combat invocs are "as you please". I prefer a good Tolmet and Cthugha, with some Kalkin and Kali. Save The King In Yellow and Cthulhu and the like for the big ones, and Shiva for packs.

General Tips

Then do your "buffing".
Then summon up your favourite followers, and go spread the word of Chaos!

  • Are you wearing your brand?
  • Offering things to Eris is a pass-time every ELF (even the elf ELFs) can enjoy. But don't go to her altar and sacrifice things there (oh no)! Use your invocation of her! You may as well practice!
  • Are you fighting a badass toughy of doom? Try this invocation order! Tolmet (stun)), The King In Yellow (blammo!), Shiva (zorch!), Kali (boom!), Cthulhu (krakow!), Kalkin (zot!), Apollo --will heal you if you're hurt at this point, else damage, Hecate (thoom!), Azathoth -- sps or blast, Arioch - (thud!). Generally, stun then open up with your big ones!

They'll be dead before you know it.

Not to be construed as an actual promise, guarantee or contract.

  • Having Hyperion obviously will necessitate some major changes in the way you play! Now Mssrs. Apollo and Tonatiuh are off limits! But you'll get two powerful new followers: the hyperiad and sunfish. Mr. Hyperion should also do big-time combat hurtiness, and also gives some sort of plasma..ball...aura...er..thinger. *shrug* o_O

Followers by God


Abominations. They're very random in abilities (surprise!)...sometimes fly, sometimes do different damages with their breath, sometimes they can't even breathe air!


Gogtzul. They're quite nasty in combat, but being higher level, will eat up that much more experience.


Chickens, and chicken eggs, which we all know are simply chicken to be! Besides, everyone ph34rz the chicken-mounted faerie flight brigade! Rawr!
--Leolla squawks: Orcs worship chicken. Orcs speak Angrak. Maybe try Angrak? Durrrrrr.... --Xaolyn adds: Hakkax is a chicken! A normal, unintelligent, though theophanically capable chicken, avians speak Quaraak!


Mr. Floaty!


Yochlol which do alkaline, and war spiders. You can probably ride the spiders too.
--Leolla whispers: She's a spider queen. Maybe insecty languages (see Tzeench above or maybe Zadjalin for the drow what give her the holy props.


Draenath (winged riding worms), Byakhee (think Lord of the Rings Ringwraith bird-thing) and Gphodrukth (everyone's favourite spacetwisting monkey). (oh my!)


Dark Young -- big balls of meat.


Beelzebug or deathroach. Little bugs, don't expect wonders.

Leolla here, saying "Bai!" =D

Xaolyn's Invocation Language List!

This particular list is based around a preferred invocation language dump a developer made on OOC a while back, so its legitimacy should be taken with less grains of salt than information usually associated with Xaolyn. Bezhuul and Nachthla were added since then, so their languages are less intrinsically certain, but are best-guesses based on context.

/- Invocation Languages of Xaolyn -\
| Deity                    Language |
| General                   Erisian |
|                                   |
| Abhoth                   Ngaathgl |
| Apollo                    Graecan |
| Ares                      Graecan |
| Arioch                   Nilasnai |
| Azathoth                 Ngaathgl |
| Bezhuul                   Klargth |
| Cernunnos                   Thari |
| Cthugha                  Ngaathgl |
| Cthulhu                  Ngaathgl |
| Dionysos                  Graecan |
| Doppel                      Thari |
| Eris                        Thari |
| Fortuna                   Caladan |
| Ganesha                   Archaen |
| Hakkax                    Quaraak |
| Hastur                   Ngaathgl |
| Hecate                    Graecan |
| Hyperion                    Thari |
| Jinx                        Thari |
| Kali                        Thari |
| Kalkin                      Thari |
| Khorne                   Nilasnai |
| Krishna                     Thari |
| Loki                        Thari |
| Nachthla                 Ngaathgl |
| Nuit                        Thari |
| Nyarlathotep             Ngaathgl |
| Odin                        Thari |
| Pyraray                     Ularu |
| Scyros                    Graecan |
| Shiva                       Thari |
| Shub-Niggurath           Ngaathgl |
| Slaanesh                 Nilasnai |
| Tolmet                    Graecan |
| Tonatiuh                    Thari |
| Tsathoggua               Ngaathgl |
| Tzeench                     Thari |
| Ugior                    Sumerian |
| Xiombarg                 Nilasnai |
| Ygelleth                 Zadjalin |
| Yog-Sothoth              Ngaathgl |


You fixate on the patterns in the bark.
In a flash of fleeting insight, you grasp that the pattern contains some sort of fractal iterability that extends to all things, including your own 
As an ELF Guerrilla, you could not become a proponent of order by joining the Attuned.

End of spoiler information.
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