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  • Type: Longsword
  • Location: Random Load
  • Materials: Steel
  • Damage Types: piercing, cutting, order
  • Restrictions:
  • Size: Twentieth of a dimin wide and fifteen dimins long
  • Extras: Pattern-weapon; can destroy ordinary chaos-infused items on contact
  • Description:
 This is a steel longsword of unearthly craftsmanship, with an edge of such keenness that one expects the
 air to begin bleeding at any moment.  More striking than the evident skill of its forging, however, are
 the lines of glowing energy embedded within the blade, forming a strange pattern that resonates oddly with
 the eye, like a memory hovering on the brink of recognition.  The name of the blade is Grayswandir.  If
 tale and legend are to be believed, this is the armament of Prince Corwin of Amber, a Pattern-sword bearing a
 fragmentary mirror-image of the source of cosmic order within it.
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