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*The [[Aligned]] are initiates into a magick that uses art and science as its basis. The Aligned wander the world, but are one of a handful of affiliations claiming strong ties to [[Hanoma]]. *The [[Aligned]] are initiates into a magick that uses art and science as its basis. The Aligned wander the world, but are one of a handful of affiliations claiming strong ties to [[Hanoma]].
-* [[Aristeia]] are warriors of Aristes, devoted to the ideal of heroic deeds. Those seeking to so devote themselves may speak to Homer in the Temple of Aristes. 
*The [[Battleragers]], the chosen thondak warriors of Clangedin, hail from deep [[Kolond]]. *The [[Battleragers]], the chosen thondak warriors of Clangedin, hail from deep [[Kolond]].

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A guild is an adventurer's greatest ally, providing training, access to unique abilities, and other resources. Many guilds operate throughout the world of Lost Souls. Some can be left once joined, but for others, membership is for life; one can only be a member of one guild. While at least some information is widespread about most guilds, there are more secretive organizations as well.

  • The Aedarene are a group of priests who worship and do the bidding of Aeda, the Earthmother.
  • The Aisenshi, skilled fighters of an honorable warrior tradition, maintain a dojo on the isle of Hanoma.
  • The Aliavelyrae, a group of fighters of elven heritage, are dedicated to thwarting the plots of Ahrikol and his foul minions. To join seek out Galadriel's Mirror in Valathyr.
  • The Aligned are initiates into a magick that uses art and science as its basis. The Aligned wander the world, but are one of a handful of affiliations claiming strong ties to Hanoma.
  • The Brute Squad is a loosely-affiliated group held together simply by their leader Fezzik, who should be seen to apply for membership.
  • The Coven are a group of witches that accept only women. They bond with avian familiars and can be found in Gardagh.
  • The Deep Whisperers are devotees of the psychic scientist Byundi, who seeks to gather additional data regarding the phenomena of telepathic heterodyny by experimenting upon her followers.
  • The Equites Serpentina are run by Runehand, an enchanter that has recently recovered Serpentina's lost technique for horse-bonding. You can find them in Corna.
  • Faradrim il'Avathar, hunters to whom shadows relate, stalk their prey as quickly and as silently as the winds blowing through the trees.
  • The Hantaka are the enforcers of Kali's will. Her dark assassins utilize poison and the shadows to remove those she finds undesirable.
  • The Justicars of Axa have begun spreading their word across the realms. Based in the Ivory Tower, they can be identified by their golden shields, gifts from the Lawbringer.
  • The Kazarak are mortals that have given their bodies to Kazar demons. Through brute force, the Kazar have created a pillar in Ebiria that allows them access to the Prime so that they can claim a body.
  • The Lightbringers are an illustrious group of well known individuals that can bend light with the use of magickal lenses. Their sanctuary is in Liathyr.
  • The Ordo Ignis Aeternis are a group of fire-wielding magi. They are particularly martial for a mage group, and have made their home in Devonshire.
  • The Ordo Verbus Glacialis, also known as the White Order, are the remnants of an arctic cabal of magi long past.
  • The Reapers serve their dark master Kragath well in their task of spreading senseless slaughter.
  • The Ringwielders serve lord Ahrikol, the Lord of the Rings. He is master of the citadel of Yevath.
  • The Shapeshifters are a group of kentaurs who have discovered the secrets of altering their forms. These shapeshifting kentaurs inhabit the town of Othrys.
  • The Shemsu Sutekh serve Sutekh, the dark god of power and jealousy, who is said to gift his faithful with the capability to bond magickally with animals sacred to their patron.
  • The Travelers are group of adventurers that have begun to roam the lands in a quest for enlightenment through overcoming hardship.
  • The Tzakazhar are the friends of Isskarazh and her children and allows bonding with draconic creatures.
  • The Ulfhednar, commonly known as wolf warriors, are a small clan of berserkers from the land of Gardagh
  • The Verynvelyrae traverse the length and breadth of Lost Souls, living off the land and working silently against the encroachment of evil powers. Their guildhall can be found somewhere on the plains of Cimbra.
  • The Warbreakers are a secretive force which seems to have agents everywhere, known to all by their suspiciously-similar magickal swords.
  • The Zetesai are a mysterious organization that have been spotted in exotic locales. Rumors say they are seekers of higher biosymbioses, but for what purpose, it is unknown.

Rumours tell of other groups perhaps to be seen more often in the future: the Bogatyr, Ravenspeakers, Nomos Mentis Peransoma, and still more.

Defunct guilds

  • The Ordo Maleficus are a profane gathering of men and women, deluded into the worship of Asmodai. They are known more simply as witches.
  • The Amberite Ravlin Tormuk has found a broken pattern in the northwest reaches of the land of Lost Souls, and has begun training Outsiders, warriors who master the arts of space and time manipulation via the powers granted by the broken pattern.
  • The Red Magi, pyromantic mages, have been seen coming from somewhere southeast of Losthaven. They are rumored as being devotees of neutrality.
  • The White Magi, their tower somewhere deep in the Northlands, use magick of ice and cold. They've been rumored to shape shift into large, vicious Yeti.
  • The Devonshire Clerics, powerful men and women of faith, make their presence known through Lost Souls on occasion.

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